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 > Alton Towers Almanac (Chris Bennett)
 > Alton Towers Database (Richard Nicholls)
 > Alton Towers Discovered (Rory Sweeney)
 > Alton Towers Guide (Andy Wilkins)
 > Xtreme Towers
 > Andy's Alton Towers Page (Andy Porter)
 > AntWeb - Alton Towers Stuff (Ant B)
 > Pleasure Beach Blackpool (Jon Matthews)
 > (Chris Milne)
 > Coaster Central (John Livesey)
 > Coaster Kingdom (Marcus Sheen)
 > Coaster Odyssey (Peter Davies)
 > Dr Chaos's Funfair Site (Martin Cooper)
 > Fotowhizz (Andrew Potter)
 > Funfair world (David Belton)
 > Guides Forum (Chris Bailey)
 > In One Spin (Daniel Spooner)
 > Island Quest (Fantasy Island) (Chris Chapman)
 > Manor Mania (Neil Wilson)
 > Miami Madness (Ian Bickerton)
 > (Chris Cox)
 > One Click (Andy Simpson)
 > (Thomas Payne)
 > South Parks (James Read)
 > Steve's Rollercoaster Home Page (Steve Goddard)
 > sw5net (Liam Griffiths)
 > The Ride Nation Network (James Cantello)
 > Thrill Factor (Mike Chivers)
 > Thorpe Database (Chris Sainsbury)
 > Thorpe Park Guide (Chris Bailey)
 > Thorpe Park Retreat (Chris Papaioannou)
 > TowersTimes (Chris Blackwell)
 > Themeparks UK (Lawrence Roots)
 > TwoSwords (Alex May)
 > uk.rec.rollercoasters (Andrew Yates)
 > UK Theme Park Resource (Ben Hodgson)
 > UK Rides Info (Colin M)
 > XtremeThrills (Chris Durkin)
 > Xtreme Velocity (Alex Barrett)
 > (Phil Ariss)
 > The Magic of Merlin (Rob)

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