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The Rideas team accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of comments posted to the 'Talk' section. The views and opinions expressed by Rideas members are not necessarily those of the Rideas Team.

While the Rideas terms & conditions govern what should and should not be posted, we cannot keep a 24-hour watch on the site. We remove offending entries as soon as we possibly can.

Intellectual Property:
All trademarks used on the Talk board are those of the respective owner and are not affiliated with Rideas in any way. Any person who submits a post to Rideas shall retain ownership and authorship of copyright, but in doing so grants the Rideas team explicit permission to copy and publish (in whole or part) the post for any reason (such as for promotional reasons, archival and backup, etc).

In addition you grant other members the right to copy your post in theirs (i.e. quoting it) as long as this is done on Rideas Talk only. If you wish to reproduce a post from Talk for any other reason then you must gain permission from the post owner (shown at the bottom left of the post).

No member of the Rideas team shall be held liable for the content, accuracy, legality or opinions of any post submitted to the Talk board (or any consequential effects arising from the reliance on such posts). If you believe a post to be in breach of copyright, trademarks, etc or to be libellous or in breach of any other UK law then contact the team stating which post and the reasons why it should be removed - we will then remove the post as soon as possible, but are not responsible for any damaged caused due to failure or delay in their removal.

All posts should be regarded as light-hearted fun and no dependence on the accuracy of their content should be assumed.

Site content (everywhere except Talk board)
All graphics and photos published on Rideas are original or used with the owner's permission.

Do not reproduce images or content from Rideas without permission from alex@rideas.co.uk.

Information published on Rideas is correct to the best of the team's knowledge. Please feel free to report any inaccuracies to Alex (alex@rideas.co.uk) as soon as you find them.

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