Are you new to Rideas and wonder what all the abbreviations on 'Talk' are all about ?

Here's a few explanations to abbreviations and words that you'll find on Rideas :

>> AA   American Adventure
>> Arrow Dynamics   Roller coaster designers & manufacturers (BPB's Big One, CWOA's Vampire)
>> AT   Alton Towers
>> B&M   Bolliger & Mabillard : Roller coaster designers & manufacturers (AT's Nemesis, Oblivion & AIR)
>> BPB   Blackpool Pleasure Beach
>> Chance   Chance Rides, Thrill ride designers & manufacturers (AT's Submission)
>> CWOA   Chessington World Of Adventures
>> DMP   Drayton Manor Park
>> ERS   Exclusive Ride Session
>> Huss   Thrill ride designers & manufacturers (AT's Ripsaw, Blade & CWOA's Rameses Revenge)
>> Intamin   Thrill ride designers & manufacturers (Rapids rides, DMP's Shockwave)
>> JW   John Wardley, Tussauds' "Imagineer"
>> LIM   Linear Induction Motor
>> LWV   Lightwater Valley Theme Park
>> Mondial   Thrill ride designers & manufacturers (AT's Bone Shaker, CWOA's Samurai)
>> RCT   RollerCoaster Tycoon game
>> RCT AA   RollerCoaster Tycoon Added Attractions
>> RCT LL   RollerCoaster Tycoon Loopy Landscapes
>> S&S   Air propelled thrill ride designers & manufacturers (BPB's Ice Blast)
>> SW4   Project name for Alton Towers' Oblivion
>> SW5   Project name for Alton Towers' AIR, opened on March 16th 2002
>> TP   Thorpe Park
>> Tussauds   Owners of AT, CWOA, TP, Warwick Castle, Madame Tussaud's & London Planetarium
>> UKTPDB   UK Theme Parks Discussion Board - Previous name for Rideas
>> Vekoma   Roller coaster & thrill ride designers & manufacturers (AT's Corkscrew & Hex)
>> VQ   Virtual Queue (Alton Towers)
>> XRT   X-clusive Ride Time (Alton Towers)

If you can think of any more, please let me know.

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