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Posts on TALK are arranged in Topics. When you initially load TALK all posts are shown apart from off topic and site comments. You can select just one topic to read or a combination of as many as you like. Just check the boxes next to the topics that you would like to read at the top of the TALK page.

You also have the option of how far back you would like to read. The default setting is "Start from where I last saved". If you clicked the diskette in the top right hand corner of the last post that you read on your last visit, you will be taken back to that point automatically with all previous posts hidden. Your browser must support cookies for this feature to work.

Posts up to two weeks old are stored in the database. You also have the option of reading posts from the last 2 weeks, 1 week, 2 days, 1 day or 1 hour.

If you log in to Rideas before reading talk, you can take advantage of one extra feature. Once you have selected which topics to view, and which timescale to read from, click on the "Set as Default" button. Now whenever you log in to Rideas it will load with these settings every time automatically.

If you have any problems, please e-mail me.


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