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March 2001: 8th - 14th

Due to downtime, there were no entries from 8th to 10th March.

>> 11 March 2001 - 20:40 : Welcome... TALK Rideas

...to Talk Rideas! This is the place to find all theme park related entries. All off topic entries should go to ''Pub Rideas'', now available for all site visitors to read. I hope you enjoy the new site. Please report any teething problems to one of the team. I must thank Alex, Darren and The Ancient Mariner for their invaluable help over the last few stressful days! Please bare in mind that not all sections are working 100% at the moment, but we're working as fast as possible to get things sorted.

Matt Cross, Rideas Chief Webmaster,


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:04 : Good Work TALK Rideas

Well You have done it agin, fantastic site. well done!

Steve Goddard,


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:05 : Hi TALK Rideas

Hello people.
Interesting new look! Good luck with it all.

Martin Tilley, UATS


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:06 : wow! TALK Rideas

this is one major cool looking site! i'll be sad to see uktpdb go though! long live rideas!

Mike Jeavons,


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:06 : AM I THE FIRST MEMBER TO POST TALK Rideas

Hello and good luck with the new-site. Whilst I'm here, does anyone no of any changes to this years park-SLOGANS ( Thrills Beyond Fear, and that).

Trevor Staniforth,


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:07 : Nice new site! TALK Rideas

Just to say I like the new look site. Under 3 weeks to go until the New Season dawns for us all - I will be at Alton Towers on 31st! See you all there.

James Lloyd,


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:07 : Different.... TALK Rideas


Chris Jones,


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:10 : SITE TALK Rideas

Well i don't like the site name or logo or the background on the front page. But i like the new design in terms of the different message boards. But cool anyway it will used take time to get used to.

Mark Renwick, TR:UK


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:10 : Well Done TALK Rideas

Congratulations on getting the new site up and running, I hope it is just as successful as the old site, well I'm sure it will be!


Ian Bickerton, Miami Madness


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:13 : DEJAVU TALK Rideas

There are some consrtuction pics of DEJAVU on danimation.com - there is also a 3d model of it there!

The new look is great!

Alan Holland, RCTLand.co.uk


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:21 : Your back!! TALK Rideas

and the new site looks, great!!

Matt North,


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:32 : New Site TALK Rideas

Well done on the new site it looks great. I don't know about the name though, sounds strange.

Joseph Rideout,


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:36 : AMERICAN ADVENTURE TALK Rideas

American adventures new site is up.

The new 3d cinema is in the aztec kingdom area i understand in the old neptune theater building.

Matt could you please add my site TR:UK to the links section thanks-THRILLRIDERUK>HOMESTEAD.COM.


Mark Renwick, TR:UK


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:52 : Some Thoughts TALK Rideas

Well - Interesting!

Whilst there are better points, like the new way of logging in at the side, the name seems odd and the background is somewhat distracting.

Was there a reason for ''Rideas''? Personally, I think just adding a couple of features to the UKTPDB would have worked best -

BUT I am not here to moan! As long as we continue with the same great content and discussions, this will be a cool place!

Lets Go Theme Parking people!!! :-)

Lewis Cox, Transylvania ONLINE - Vampire and Bubbleworks


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:54 : Rideas TALK Rideas

Well done team in getting the forum back going. It looks a lot nicer too. Between the time UKTPDB closed and Rideas opened, I have now got a domain name for my funfair site.


Please update your link pages accordingly.

Martin Cooper, Dr Chaos Funfair Site


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:58 : New Rideas TALK Rideas

If you take a little visit to New Rideas, as long as you have a Flash Enabled Browser, you many be in for a little treat. Rideas has got an internet first.

Darren Smith, Rideas Assistant Webmaster,


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:59 : Rideas TALK Rideas

This web-site looked a bit weird at first but after I've looked around it looks great. I think the webmasters of Rideas should get a round of applause because if you read any of their interviews in the UKTPDB's G-Force then you would know how much work was put into this.
Keep Up The Good Work!

Scott Barr, Coasters Online


>> 11 March 2001 - 21:59 : Thanks... TALK Rideas

...for your comments. The 'New Rideas' section (formerly G-Force) now has some very interesting features.

Matt Cross, Rideas Chief Webmaster,


>> 11 March 2001 - 22:00 : Oakwood TALK Rideas

Does anyone know if it is Oakwood that is getting a Super Star new for this year. I know that a park in Wales is said to be getting one and wonder if it is them?

Ian Bickerton, Miami Madness


>> 11 March 2001 - 22:03 : rideas TALK Rideas

Most of the new look is better than before, well done, Only downside is the name>>>>>>

Wayne J Cross, Planet Chessington


>> 11 March 2001 - 22:05 : TALK Rideas

Wayne J Cross, Planet Chessington


>> 11 March 2001 - 22:06 : GREAT : TALK Rideas

Congrats on a great new look, very polished, I like it!!

And what an exclusive in 'newas'! If you haven't already go see NOW!!!! :)

Shane Whiting,


>> 11 March 2001 - 22:07 : Radio Rideas > Versus TALK Rideas

Right. After all the long wait, I can now reveal what Versus is, how it works and when it starts. Versus is the ULTIMATE theme park quiz. How much do you know? We will find out. Detailed information about Radio Rideas and Versus can be found in the Radio Rideas section of this web site.

Versus will commence next sunday, (Sunday 18th) March 2001, at 20:30. It will take place in the Versus chat room, which is accessable on the members only menu, which shows up when you log in to the web site.

Versus is here, and we look forward to seeing you there on Sunday night.

Darren Smith, Rideas Assistant Webmaster, Crewe Alexandra Football Club


>> 11 March 2001 - 22:12 : SUBMISSION TALK Rideas


Alton Towers have done it again a great looking and neat ride with excellant colour and theming design. Also i noticed it features new type of restraints which are different to the ones on current chance rides and the current inverter belts. Have a look.

Mark Renwick, TR:UK


>> 11 March 2001 - 22:14 : My Above Post TALK Rideas

Please accept my apologies if my above post seemed a little harsh (which it did!)

Having had some time to go around the site, I can see that I was a bit premature with my comments.

Please accept my apologies again - and I will now stop time-wasting with these posts, I presume the same OFF-TOPIC rules apply as with the UKTPDB!!

Lewis Cox, Virtual Bubbleworks


>> 11 March 2001 - 22:29 : RIDEAS/ADVENTURE ISLAND TALK Rideas

First i would like to say that i have been lost without UKTPDB while you have been revamping it but i must say that it was worth the wait. Secondly news on Adventure Island with that Fireball has now left the park with the last bit being removed on saturday(yesterday).No one seems to know what is going there yet but it seems within a couple of weeks there will be a new ride put in. Three new rides have already been opened the first being ''The Claw'', this replaced the famous ''Barracuda''. The second ride to join the park was the ''Scopian'' which has been put where ''Freeway'' used to be, the ''Scopian'' is identical to the ''octopas'' at Thorpe. The last new ride to be put in place is ''Votex'' which has been squeezed in between ''Raging River'' and ''Greenscream. I enjoyed riding them but ''The Claw'' and ''Voetex'' have no theming what so ever.

John Bullock,


>> 11 March 2001 - 22:29 : Positive Comments TALK Rideas

Thanks for all the positive comments.

You'll all get used to the name given a few weeks - you should find it a darn sight easier to remember and say than 'UKTPDB'!

Alex Taperek, Rideas Assistant Webmaster,


>> 11 March 2001 - 22:41 : Submission, WOW TALK Rideas

well, all I can say it, its good to be back after a few days of downtime, I suppose it will take a little while to get used to the new look and new name to the site.I actually liked UKTPDB but dont really like the name Rideas, but I can get used to it I guess.

I just checked out New Rideas and checked out the Submission section, and all I can say is WOW, Submission does look very good indeed, I think Alton have once again done a great job here and I cant wait to ride it.I have to admit, I dont like spin and spew rides, but maybe I will take one ride on Submission just to check it out anyway. Is it too much to ask how you got those photos Darren ;) Great Job however you done it. Also I have just noticed I wont be around where Verses starts next week because I am totally busy on Saturday and Sunday, I cant believe I wil miss the start of it, oh well, hopefully I can see what its like the week after next sunday, Darren would it be too late to enter then????

Paul Orsmond,


>> 11 March 2001 - 22:44 : Alton Towers TALK Rideas


Love the new site!
I'll be at AT on the 14th April and the 6th June
If all this foot and mouth is over hope so!

Andy Porter, Andys Alton Towers Page


>> 11 March 2001 - 23:05 : SITE PLUS ALTON DEVELOPMENT TALK Rideas

After looking around the site i am now like it so take no notice of my above post but i still mot sure about the name.

I wanted to post this on thursday from stokes local paper (yes the same one that had the sw5 info back last oct!!!)

Here is the article-Why Alton Towers bosses are out of touch with their public
The management of Alton Towers must be sadly out of touch with the public if they thought nobody would mind them slaughtering healthy animals which had given pleasure to thousands of children.
The six sheep, three pigs and eight goats destroyed on Monday will no doubt be replaced, but that's not the point. They were killed for purely commercial reasons because of fears that they might be infected by foot and mouth disease.
Yes, the theme park will argue that it was also done to make sure the Towers opens on time on March 31, thus ensuring that no-one on the 1,800 staff is laid off.
But was this drastic action really necessary?
The RSPCA doesn't think so and neither do many other people. The small group of animals could surely have been isolated within the Towers estate, well away from the public.
To my knowledge, no healthy animals are being destroyed anywhere in Staffordshire, apart from those on affected farms. This is the case even on farms near the Towers site. Everybody is sitting tight. People who don't call themselves animal lovers have told me they think the Alton Towers slaughter was hasty, cynical and a poor piece of public relations. I'm pretty sure the management are already regretting it.
While on the subject of foot and mouth restrictions, it seems incredible that Alton Towers can open its doors to thousands of visitors in three weeks' time when walkers have been banned from the countryside.
You aren't even allowed to walk along canal towpaths. Yet a huge pleasure park in an infected area is preparing to welcome coachloads of people from all points of the compass. There's something wrong somewhere.
I don't deny that Alton Towers has become a major part of the economy in North Staffordshire.
But this needless slaughter of pets is a black mark which won't be easily forgotten.

By this summer most people will have forgotten about the incident especially when sw5 is anounced and submission adverts start and when the sun runs their anual offer in a few weeks.

Plus teh other article which i currently carn't find on their web site was about the plans for the relife road have taken a step forwrad and a number of proposals are now or will be on disneplay for the residents to look at and say which one they prefer.

Lets not start talking about the incident with altons farm last week. Lets leave that one with the old UKTPDB and lay it to rest and lookforward to SUBMISSION.

Mark Renwick, TR:UK


>> 11 March 2001 - 23:14 : Submission TALK Rideas

Submission Pics > Where there is a will there is a way! All i can say is keep watching the New Rideas section. More's on its way in the near future!

Darren Smith, Rideas Assistant Webmaster, Crewe Alexandra Football Club


>> 11 March 2001 - 23:16 : Submission... TALK Rideas

Guys, I assume you were at Alton for an Oblivion weekend, so can I ask - as Im doing an Oblivion weekend next week - was Submission open to the weekend visitors? I presume not, otherwise you'd have written about it. Can't wait to see her in person though!

Kevin Baxter,


>> 11 March 2001 - 23:28 : Alton Towers Foot and Mouth Update > Official Press Release TALK Rideas

For those who are interested, the official press release regarding the Foot and Mouth issue at Alton Towers was issued to Rideas last week. It can be found on the Earlier Entries section of the site, on the page that covers the dates 1st - 7th March 2001.

Darren Smith, Rideas Assistant Webmaster,


>> 11 March 2001 - 23:51 : new look TALK Rideas

great new look guys, well done... why the name change though??? just curious..

Lee Bennet,


>> 12 March 2001 - 00:10 : LEGO LAND IN SERIOUS TROUBLE TALK Rideas

I ahve just found out that it is not american adenture we should worry about but LEGOLAND WINDSOR is in trouble. The lego comapny has made a loss of 85m and is saking 500 staff and closing three factories. Most of the blaimis being placed upon tHE WINDSOR PARK as it is a major drain on cash (i assume the building costa nd the paying off the dept) and also poor perfomance. This ahs meant the 5th park planned has beend roped but the construction on the 4th park in germany openning in 2002 is to fra advanced to put on hold. Apparantly the windsor park is safe for the moment, but time will tell.

This is a MAJOR turn up for the books as it is the UKS third most visited THEME park and i always thought it did very well.

Mark Renwick,


>> 12 March 2001 - 00:37 : Submission Pictures TALK Rideas

Great submission pictures, I have taken the pictures and blown them up so you can see them much better, if any of the administration team have a problem with this, notify me within the next 24 hours, and I will not distribute them, if you want the pic's mail me and I will send them to you, as long as the administration team don't have any objections.

Many Thanks

Chris Blackwell


Chris Blackwell,


>> 12 March 2001 - 09:27 : ^^^Chris - Rideas team TALK Rideas

Chris, if I could swear on this board I would, but will refrain... your email address is very SICK and should be changed, unless of course you are a sex offender and are proud of the people going around, killing young innocent children such as Sarah Payne, and raping women out on the streets.

Matt and team, do you really want visitors to your site seing email addresses like this on your board?

Chris, even if you did choose the name unintentionally, you are one sick individual.

Gary Holcombe,


>> 12 March 2001 - 09:28 : Web Site TALK Rideas

Matt and team, the website looks good, though I am unsure about the name - the UKTPBD had earned its place in history and wasnt 'that' hard to say! I like the fresh look and feel to this site, rip UKTPBD.

Gary Holcombe,


>> 12 March 2001 - 10:00 : Rideas TALK Rideas

I think the name is very clever, a mix of 'rides' and 'ideas' Also, good looking clear site.

Well Done!!

Can anyone help me, when trying to go the the official Alton site, all I get is a purple screen and scrolling text at the bottom talking about submission. How do i see the site?

Chris Hook,


>> 12 March 2001 - 10:06 : interesting TALK Rideas

love the new look but not too keen on the new logo, the name is ok but what does it mean?
submission, amazing how a bit of themeing can change peoples minds isn't it, not lng ago you lot were all slagging it off 'I dont wanna ride a poxy double inverter'.
Personally i can't wait i've been lookin forward to submission since the announcement.

Andrew Adshead,


>> 12 March 2001 - 10:39 : TALK Rideas

It is a mixture of 'rides' and 'ideas'!

Chris Hook,


>> 12 March 2001 - 11:09 : Gary Holcombe/submission TALK Rideas

Gary please refrain from posting remarks such as that on a message board, if you have a problem post to the off topic section or even better mail me. I can reassure everyone I am certainly not a 'Sex Offender', as with most mail addresses of this nature, it is meant as light humour. If anyone has a problem with me using this mail address, you can mail me at chris@offender.co.uk I have still heard nothing from any of the 'Rideas Team'. If you sent me a mail requesting the pictures for submission, I will be sending them out in 14 hours time unless I receive mail or a message requesting me not to by the Rideas administration team.
BTW congrat's on a great site guys =]
Many Thanks

Chris Blackwell

Chris Blackwell,


>> 12 March 2001 - 11:20 : Chris TALK Rideas

Chris, I have replied to your email personally. You published the email address public on this board, and I replied public. If you read my email I sent you, you may understand why in todays world, the email address you have chosen simply is not funny, or even in the slightest bit amusing - or light humour as you prefer to call it.

Up to you though if you want to be known as 'sex offender' isnt it. Obviously something you are quite happy with - personally, myself and I would assume other members of the board would not want to have such a title associated with their name.

I'm saying no more about it, neither by email or on this board, up to you if you want that name, i'm just giving my comment thats all. End.

Gary Holcombe,


>> 12 March 2001 - 12:03 : Submission Queue TALK Rideas

Just looking at the submission pics I see that AT have gone against their philosophy of twisting, winding queue lines.The Corkscrew's queue has alwys been the same & they did it with Hex but managed to theme the queue on the inside to give you something to look at. The submission queue does seem to resemble a cattle pen.

Adam Osborne,


>> 12 March 2001 - 12:31 : Thorpe TALK Rideas

Submission looks great!
I went to Thorpe at the weekend and finally saw Detonator. It towers over Tidal Wave, and can be seen from all around the park outskirts. I got a few pics to put on my site but my home computer has gone in for a service, so they should be up next weekend. Vortex has not arrived yet, but the base is almost complete. The new Lost City land is coming along really well. Good to see that Tussauds have put a bigger investment in to Thorpe than AT for once!

Chris Bailey, The Thorpe Park Guide


>> 12 March 2001 - 12:39 : kewl work ali T TALK Rideas

kewl colors and the logo is growning on me ali T, Matt C , and Daz!

i can now view the site at college ali t!

Ben Sims, DailyTalk Discussion Board


>> 12 March 2001 - 12:40 : Submission Pics + Ride Ideas TALK Rideas


Rideas is taken from : Ride and Ideas = Rideas, as previously said on the board.


All images and text on Rideas is copyright to the RIDEAS team. Do not copy anything found on this web site unless previously authorised by a member of the Rideas team.

I have already chosen 1 web site that has already requested Submission pictures for use on his web site, and we have agreed terms for that to happen. I am not going to allow every web site to use pictures that we've got because thats obviously going to take the focus away from this web site.

As I've said - If your site want's to use the pictures, E-Mail me, but I will only distribute to a select few.

Darren Smith, Rideas Assistant Webmaster,


>> 12 March 2001 - 12:42 : a thought TALK Rideas

do you think that any of the other theme park in the UK will ever be as big as AT? i think that they could be because the people of Alton village stop most of the good ideas which At have from going ahead.

Ben Sims, DailyTalk Discussion Board


>> 12 March 2001 - 12:44 : to daz TALK Rideas

did you have a good time down at AT at the weekend? so what was the reason for no pictures at the boneshaker?

Ben Sims, DailyTalk Discussion Board


>> 12 March 2001 - 13:27 : Re: threat TALK Rideas

i think that it is a bit over the top for just a few animals, i mean it isn't as if animial aren't killed for no reason anyway is it!

Ben Sims, DailyTalk Discussion Board


>> 12 March 2001 - 13:59 : Dare Devil Drivers TALK Rideas

I don't know if I got an answer to this the last time, but when I went to check, the site was closed, so I ask again: What was Dare Devil Drivers at Thorpe?

Dag Robert Jerijervi,


>> 12 March 2001 - 14:10 : >>> Bigger: (adj) Large or Big Relative to Something Else... TALK Rideas

Ben, I guess you were talking in terms of content, rather than size? Well, either way Thorpe will be right up there soon (with Alton cowering below, no doubt 8r) I think Thorpe is getting very close in the ''Thrill Ride Stakes'' already, especially with their THREE new additions this year Not forgetting, of course, the inevitable arrival of their new vomit inducing scream machine is twisting(^10) its way ever closer by the day...

I think, ride-wise, Thorpe Park is going straight for Alton Towers' jugular without a shadow of a doubt. Its just up to the public now, can they forget Thorpe's old reputation? Hmm, it will take a while, seeing as most people would rather have gone to Chessington for thrills (all 2.5 of them!) than Thorpe a few years back.

Basically, if Alton try to fool themselves into believing that Thorpe isn't snapping at their heels, it could be over sooner than we dare think is possible...

(BTW: Seeing as the board has been reinvented (cough-again-cough :), I thought I might as well give the whole 'reincarnation' thing a go too, meaning a 'nicer' me (cringe - shudder). Basically, seeing as Alton is going under, I'll give it the honour of going down quietly, without me gloating all the way (sorry, that was the last jab, honestly!!). Who knows, I might even give BPB a little bit of a visit this year (ok ok ok, its not too likely I know, but the thought was there :) Just for the record, my thoughts about Alton Towers' latest 'financial killing', as it were, remain unchanged, I ain't going there this year.)

. . .

Roger O'Leary,


>> 12 March 2001 - 14:17 : Re: Roger TALK Rideas

I think that the tussards group is probably trying to bring the two parks to about the same size (in content), also i think that all the negative pubicity that AT is getting may work in Thorpes way :)!

I will be going to AT this year, i think we should try to organize a 'RIDEAS' Day at AT. So that we get to meet each other (that would be fun!).

Ben Sims, DailyTalk Discussion Board


>> 12 March 2001 - 14:17 : Dare devil drivers @ Thorpe Park TALK Rideas

This ride was an indoor dodgems ride built around 1998 and it was last used in 2000. It has now gone to make room for the lost city's future attractions.

The dodgems were based in an old building which one housed cap'n andy's revenue - a 3D cinema attraction.

Neil Harris, Vampire Online - soon!!!


>> 12 March 2001 - 14:19 : MAJOR NEWS TALK Rideas

Camelots Tower of Terror is staying in the UK it is going to open in 2001 at DreamLand in Margate. DreamLand Is also openning a traveling version TOWER RIDE (ie like Detnator at thorpe or Big Ben) Plus a Frisby. Thats Better than thorpes collection and it is not that far away from thorpe really.

Dreamland were recently selling a number of attractions includimg a tri-star and there sky master ride.

The park already ahs the UK's oldest roller coaster, a wild mouse, double drop log flume a pinafari looper and some other rides. I don't know if the single looper has been removed to make way for the new roller coaster.

But good news anyway.

Mark Renwick,


>> 12 March 2001 - 14:32 : ALTON GOING DOWN THE TOILET TALK Rideas

Thats why they are investing millions next year in SW5 (which is costing more than Atlantis)

Also Alton have a Major expansion plan for the enxt 4 years with rides like the 5d cinema and teh haunted house refit plus other attractyions. Plus pland for the second hotela nd water park will be back on soon. Also if they were going down why would they spend millions and millions on building a reeif road which was is a step closer according to the stoke-on-trent local paper.

It is possible to have two top theme parsk. Considering 85% of altons audince are from the midlands and the North. I no most people won't travel down to London for a Theme park from the midlands and the north. As a report published after the dome shut the tourist market in london is fixed and the visitos to the millennium dome were not extra london visitors just visitors taken away from other londo attractions. What i see happening is thorpe will attract 1.6-7 million guests whre chessington attracts 1m guests reversing the roles. But i still think chessington will attract more this year and next year. Cuz at the momeent it is all about reputation ad image. But in a few years thorpe will be a top park but ALTON TOWERS is no way going down teh toilet.

Finally Alton towers ahve said in the apst most people visit every 3-4 years.

You have to remember these parks are built for the public so they arn't going to think oh submission is justa plane old double inverter (which there are less of in the uk than any of thorpes or chessingtons new rides.

Mark Renwick,


>> 12 March 2001 - 14:43 : AT - Thorpe - Stuff TALK Rideas

On the subject of AT killing the farm animals, as much as I don't like what they did, but it was the right thing to do, because if one person went into the park with foot and mouth (on shoes etc) and spread the disease to the animals then everyone who walks by or around the animals get the disease on the shoes or clothes, they then go home to all parts of the country and spread the disease further. And no Alton were not allowed to move the animals and do not have the facilities to quarantine the animals (don't forget the disease is airborne, so could affect the animals where ever they are).

Yes I believe Thorpe is Getting bigger, but it will never be bigger than AT, I think Tusssauds are just leveling the two parks up a bit. And while Thorpe is having more money spent on them this year im sure AT will have more money spent on them next year with SW5 opening (yes even though Thorpe new coaster opens it will coast a lot less than SW5).

Submission looks very good and looks as if it is going to fit in With the rest of X-Sector very well.

Good job guys the site looks good but I will miss UKTPDB.

Kieren Lavis,


>> 12 March 2001 - 16:09 : site TALK Rideas

This a great new site. So much more fun and modern than the uktpdb site even though i will miss it. SOB, SOB. can anybody give me some info on parc asterix

Timothy Gaylard, tussauds 3 - now open


>> 12 March 2001 - 16:46 : New site TALK Rideas

What a cool new site,
It looks nice and fresh. The name is a bit wierd but is clever and we'll all get used to it. Well done rideas team.

Submission looks cool and I'll be there on April 1st, but I don't really like the colour scheme.

Scott Hislop, coming soon................


>> 12 March 2001 - 16:49 : New site TALK Rideas

What a cool new site,
It looks nice and fresh. The name is a bit wierd but is clever and we'll all get used to it. Well done rideas team.

Submission looks cool and I'll be there on April 1st, but I don't really like the colour scheme.

Scott Hislop, coming soon................


>> 12 March 2001 - 17:04 : New site TALK Rideas

What a cool new site,
It looks nice and fresh. The name is a bit wierd but is clever and we'll all get used to it. Well done rideas team.

Submission looks cool and I'll be there on April 1st, but I don't really like the colour scheme.

Scott Hislop, coming soon................


>> 12 March 2001 - 17:06 : ^^^Sorry^^^^ TALK Rideas

Sorry about that triple post thing,
I lost the connection and didn't realise it had worked.

Scott Hislop,


>> 12 March 2001 - 17:41 : THORPE PARK/DETONATOR TALK Rideas

Well, what can I say?? This is a FANTASTIC new site - i always thought that the UKTPDB was a little dull, and the new style looks great on my brand new computer (which allows me to finally access the AT site!)

Watch LONDON TONIGHT tonight at 6pm on ITV/Carlton if you live in the London or the South East - there is a feature on Detonator, the tower ride at Thorpe Park.

P.S. I have launched my new site dedicated to Thorpe Park - TP Online, which is open now, with more to come shortly.

Later, guys!

Michael Ryderson, TP Online - The TP Guide


>> 12 March 2001 - 17:43 : Hi again all! TALK Rideas

RIDEas comments:
I've posted this in Pub RIDEas so I won't be the first to be banned for OT posts! 8O)

RCCGB Charity event > Comic Relief:
Is anyone else here going to the RCCGB Comic Relief ERS on Thursday? I will be going as I've found a lift.
(For those who don't know, this is a ''Pants To Poverty'' ERS where we will be riding in just our UNDERWEAR!!! 8O)
Keep an eye out on the Comic Relief show on Friday night as I may be on there! (Look out for the Deathly person wearing those full-length forearm bracers! 8O)

Alton and the animals:
I have decided that I'll still be visiting Alton as usual this season. However, I will be protesting in two ways-
1: I will not be buying any souvenirs except my 300/400th NEMESIS ride photos or any of Altons food.
2: On my first visit, I will raise my concerns with the Guest Services team.

(Sorry if I have repeated anything that has been said here but I havn't had the time to read all of the posts!)

Colin Blanchard, The Unofficial Domain Of NEMESIS


>> 12 March 2001 - 18:11 : Rideas TALK Rideas

OK, obviously Im the only person on here who hates the new look. It just isnt right, the dodgy background/menu patterns, the 'pub' and the name. I mean what is Rideas all about, most people will interpret it as Ride-As not Ride-Ideas and the first one makes no sense. Bring back the UKTPDB. Sorry but I think the new look is appauling, whether it will grow on me is a different question but right now the word crap simply isnt strong enough (damn profanity filter). Poor job team, very poor.

Gareth Lewis, RG|UK


>> 12 March 2001 - 18:12 : Rideas TALK Rideas

Hi not to sure about new site (In fact I prefear UKTPDB)
Sorry if this is a bit O.T. but what does Rideas meen OH I KNOW R IDEAS (Sorry Iam slow!)
I like the sub pics but please (You can tell Iam a flash designer) save me the breath and get the WHOLE submission logo in!



James Byron, SW5LIVE.com


>> 12 March 2001 - 18:33 : ALTON V THORPE TALK Rideas

I think both parks a great and are both getting huge investment and will both be top parks. so now lets put this debate in the bin with the old UKTPDB and the Alton v Blackpool event. Let us now just lookforward to what both parks have and will have to offer. none of us now the parks future plans.

What was everyones favourite new ride for 2000 (only put a ride you have riden, so don't put valhalla if you havn't been on it) most anticipated new ride for 2001 and 2002 (only put a ride you are likly to ride) Mine are below-Remember thi is just MY opinion and other peoples opinions in their answers so don't fire back at me or anyone else with there thoughts.




This site has now grown on me and i like it better than the UKTPDB which got a bit dull looking. The only thing i don't like is name and name logo. You need a name that has uk in it to show new people that it is different from all the american boards. But cool site anyway

Mark Renwick,


>> 12 March 2001 - 18:43 : PORT AVENTURA TALK Rideas

im off to spain soon and was just wandering if port aventura is a good theme park or not


Jim Wally,


>> 12 March 2001 - 18:50 : FOOT AND MOUTH AT ALTON TALK Rideas

no matter what you all say alton towers is not going to have less people visiting.infact knowing a farm was there in the 1st place would of put off a lot of people ,so killing the animals was the best decision alround

Jim Wally, dailyradar uk


>> 12 March 2001 - 18:51 : SW5 TALK Rideas

Don't know if it's been said before, but theres a small article up on coasterbuzz.com about sw5, with another confirmation from john wardley that its a flying coaster.

Stuart Rose,


>> 12 March 2001 - 18:54 : New Site! TALK Rideas

Congrats on the new site! it looks great!
Anyone here visiting Alton on 2nd or 3rd June?

Amanda Shillito, UKcoasters


>> 12 March 2001 - 19:27 : cwoa TALK Rideas

chessington hasn't had a rollercoaster for years and thinking of this looks like there will be a new rollercoaster/ride added to the park in the next 2 years. lets hope so, the park is really dragging behind and needs a new thrill ride.i doubt that the vampire will close because of public demand at the park. if the vampire were to close the news would get around very quickly. by the way, brilliant site. much better!
Robert Patterson

Robert Patterson,


>> 12 March 2001 - 19:59 : Submission! TALK Rideas

Those pics you have got on the site are great! Well done for who ever took them! Submission looks cool, seems to fit into X-sector well, im not too sure about the Queue line, doesn't look like a permanent one, but just a funfair one. Im guessing there will be 2 queues, one for one carriage (virtual) and one for the other (normal)!

Wayne Burton, Waynesaltonsite


>> 12 March 2001 - 20:00 : Re: Jim Wally TALK Rideas

Port Aventura is a great park. The only downside is Sea Oddessy cause I thought it was a very poor dimulation. Don't waste your time with Tami Tami, El Tomahawk or El Diablo. Try out the log flume, Dragon Khan and Stampida.
Dragon Khan and Stampida are pure quality.

Scott Barr, Coasters Online


>> 12 March 2001 - 20:17 : Universal Studios Port Aventura TALK Rideas

Yes PORT AVENTURA is a great theme park as with all Universal Studios theme parks. Opening sometime this year is Temple De Fuego which is supposed to be an excellent experience type attraction. There is also the simulator seafari 'Sea Odyssey' , some great coasters including B&M's Dragon Khan and Stampida and a night time spectacular show. For more info check out USPA's official website at the link below.

On another note I like the new site and the name is clever. Good work all involved.
Remember AT may still have to close or delay the new season. It isn't set in stone that it will remain open throughout the season. and roll on SUBMISSION-HANG IN THERE!

Chay Garde, US Port Aventura official


>> 12 March 2001 - 20:29 : Question of Sport TALK Rideas

Did anyone watch Question of Sport tonight, In the Mystery Guest round, one of the guests was on Nemesis at Alton Towers, it showed some brief onride footage as well as some other good footage of the ride, if anyone is interested, BBC1 normally repeat QOS on Saturdays at about midnight after Match of the Day if you want to watch it.

I still think Alton done the right thing concerning the incident where they killed some of their animals, as you might have noticed the disease is really spreading like mad at the moment(its nearly upto 200 cases) so I believe it could have only been a matter of time until maybe their animals caught the disease too if they didnt kill the animals, I thought I read last week that some of you were going to boycott Alton for a while because of this, obvisously thats your decision, but nothing is gonna stop me still visiting Alton this year and hopefully I will still be up at alton on 31st March. Robert, the news about The Vampire has been confirmed, it will remain closed this year(2001) but will be given a huge refurbishment during this year and will re-open in 2002.

Paul Orsmond,


>> 12 March 2001 - 20:45 : new look-hilarious brochures-temp staff TALK Rideas

first of the new look, after an entire day figuring i out i can pronouce it proply (sic) still not sure on the logo though.
went into the worthing tourist info office and picked up some hilarious blackpool brochures advertising BpB as the rollercoaster capital of the world, more amusing was a cropped picture of a rider in a black seat with an orange saftey harness strangly like oblivions......
top marks however go to the AT where to stay guide 2000 on page 7 ''fter you've finished being twisted and turned high above the Staffordshire countryside'' yes it does say that.
oh well

finally. the staff at AT have a contract so what F&M is a national crisis affecting the whole country. the staff are (the majority) only temporary so can be told not to turn up. its not as if they will all quit.

Trevor Williams,


>> 12 March 2001 - 20:54 : SW5-NEW INFO I THINK? TALK Rideas

I dont know if you lot already know this (sorry if you do)
but on ALTON TOWERS official website they 've replaced
new coaster for 2002 , with NEW GENERATION COASTER
FOR 2002

(As i said before sorry if you already knew this)

Jim Wally, Daily Radar uk


>> 12 March 2001 - 20:57 : Best rides TALK Rideas

Best ride 2000: Definitely Valhalla!!

Most anticipated ride 2001: I am not anticipating any of the new rides. They are all fairground rides, not theme park rides.

Most anticipated new ride 2002: SW5.

Went to BPB on Saturday. The place was heaving. One hour + queues for Pepsi Max and Valhalla. Big queues for all the other rides. Rode Valhalla for the first time and I have to say it is quite simply the most amazing theme park ride I have ever had the pleasure of riding. If you haven't been on it, go on it as soon as possible. (It keeps breaking down though, so ride it when you first get there).

Valhalla made me realise why I really love BPB. Unlike other parks (including AT), BPB is pure 'theme park ride' as opposed to 'fairground ride'. They build custom rides, and very rarely put in fairground rides, and if they do (e.g. the recent addition of those awful Dodgems, they certainly don't shout about it). It is the park with more custom-built rides than anywhere else in the UK (probably the world). Unlike most other parks, where you ride a few signature rides and then are left riding the second division stuff (or re-riding the same rides), at BPB there is enough to keep you going all day without having to repeat ride. And all day can mean until very late at night. Oh, yes, and the atmosphere is incredible. When the park is full, as last Saturday, the atmosphere is palpable.

BTW, I do like fairground rides, but I think the place for them is in small seaside parks and travelling fairs, not major parks like BPB, AT, etc.

Finally, the new site looks great. Shame about the name, though...

I have no idea what they are doing next, but I have read rumours (ONLY RUMOURS) that they might install a Superman ride along the road underneath the park, which comes out on the Promenade. With BPB you really do have to ask - to the park that has everything, where next?

Nicholas James, Joyland Books: for theme


>> 12 March 2001 - 20:59 : Rideas new site TALK Rideas

On the whole, brillliant - a very needed facelift to the uktpdb. New name, fantastic- I have been waiting the name change after UKTPDB became slightly more than a discussion board. New design and layout, great- fantastic colour scheme and layout. However I really don't like the logo, but then again thats just me. It's great to get rid of all the adverts again!

Wil Mossop, *mhq, another new site cs


>> 12 March 2001 - 21:27 : Thorpe/CWOA TALK Rideas

So where's the Chessie's site then? They are trailing behind the others now arn't hey, and they are the first to open!!!!

Also, what is it that makes Thorpes 2002 coaster a world first, as quoted on their website?


Chris Hook,


>> 12 March 2001 - 21:36 : Atlantis TALK Rideas

It's the first coaster in the world to have 10 inversions!

Scott Hislop, coming soon................


>> 12 March 2001 - 21:42 : APOLOGIES TALK Rideas

I know this is off topic but PLEASE leave this here as i want every one to read it.

I am sorry if i any of my posts have offended or upset and member or theme park. I am very sorry.

I meant no harm and i was just posting my veiws ( some times over the top) and news and rumours, all though i have never made any up.

Once again i am sorry.

well this is likly my last EVER post, but if there is a chance it is not i will never offend or go over the top again ot rpost rumours which i should keep to my self and i will start using the spell check.


Mark Renwick,


>> 12 March 2001 - 21:56 : TALK Rideas


David McCubbin,


>> 12 March 2001 - 22:13 : >>> You Dont Need Hooves to Carry Foot and Mouth... TALK Rideas

Some people on this board seem to believe that, now Alton have ''dealt with their problem'', the park as a whole no longer poses a threat. This is complete and utter rubbish. The fact is, the park will do just as much damage when it opens in a few weeks, REGARDLESS of whether or not their animals are there to watch it! Anyone of you reading this could be carrying it right now. The fact that you live miles from anything green and haven't seen a cow in decades does not matter. When people meet, they can pass the disease on to others, this includes queue lines! Masses of people, from all over this country, will congregate there in the coming weeks. How will they get there? Well, no doubt a fair few will drive through infected areas, carrying the disease with them. Then, in the nice warm confined spaces of the enclosed queue lines, it could be passed on to someone from an unaffected area of the country. When they go home that night, wayhay, it is nice to share, after all...

You have heard the outcry over the horse races no doubt? Horses are not affected by the disease. It was the fact that people from all over were meeting up, then dispersing back to where they came from. Taking it with them.

All Alton Towers have done, is to remove the risk of evidence that could prove ''it'' visited their park. Without goats/pigs/cows etc there will be no solid evidence Alton had anything to do with the spread.

There is one glaringly simple solution to this. CLOSE THE PARK!
> To all 'casual' staff, say ''sorry, you wont be needed for a few weeks/months''. (coughcough)
> To all permanent staff, say ''well done, you have got an extended paid vacation, enjoy yourself''.
> To the zoo staff, very strict precautions can be put in place.

The only perceptible drawback is that, sadly, you wont be able to ride their pretty new spinney thing for a few months! There is of course the fact that they will loose money during this time. If however you are thinking this, you have illustrated my point about 'money coming first' perfectly.

. . .

Roger O'Leary,


>> 12 March 2001 - 22:23 : GOOD POINT TALK Rideas

The above post is a good point.

But if alton carn't open then chessingtona nd thrope and all other uk theme parks carn't open or any uk tourist attraction like all museums and madam tussuads etc.

Many attractions including alton, thorpe and chessington carn't afford to close for a few months as theyr un on tight profit margins as it is. Especially aprks like drayton manor and american adventure. But you could say it is no different to people going to a football match, going on a train around the country, traveling to work, going shopping or going on holiday in the UK. Plus Blackpool are open so would it be any different if the other parks openned. What does every one else think.

Mark Renwick,


>> 12 March 2001 - 22:38 : Alton Towers TALK Rideas

I personally think that alton will have to delay their opening, people travel from all over the country, through country lanes to get to the park. It was on the news that Alton Towers wanted to go ahead with opening, but local farmers were urging them not to.
I would rather Alton delayed opening for a month or two until the number of cases start going down. I know this will reduce their revenue, but, I think in the long run it will be for the better. If they did open and people traveling to the park caused an outbreak then Alton may be shut for a long time!

Wayne Burton, Waynesaltonsite


>> 12 March 2001 - 22:51 : Openning TALK Rideas

Drayton Manor have put there openning back a week and say it may ahve to be changed again.

I really carn't see chessington openning when they say they are as it would be too hard to secon off the animal areas.

Mark Renwick,


>> 12 March 2001 - 23:06 : Submission TALK Rideas

OK so the new site is pants but the Submission info is unbelieveable, AT have pulled off something fantastic, it looks superb, but dont you think it would be better if it was a suspended ride, feet free like Nemesis?

Gareth Lewis, RG|UK


>> 12 March 2001 - 23:14 : Blackpool TALK Rideas

I totally agree with the points made about BPB and AT with regards to fairground rides.
Also, the fact Blackpool advertises itself as rollercoaster capital of the world is no laughing matter. It is only pipped to the post by Cedar Point to my knowledge, and has the biggest number of vintage woodies at any park in the world - FIVE!! (Big Dipper, Grand National, Wild Mouse, Rollercoaster and Zipper Dipper).
Also, the number of original rides is stunning.
The Wild Mouse is one of only 3 left in the world to be made of wood, and offer a truly remarkable experience, and the Grand National is one of only 3 other mobius loop coasters to be left in the world. The Avalance is the UK's only bobsled / flying turns coaster, and where on earth else are you going to ride a TRIPLE TRACKED single rail racing coaster?
I'd say that's pretty good reason to call itself coaster capital of the world.
Also, I'd rather wait a few years for a new ride to be installed and it be decent, than have a fairground spin and spew.

The point is, if you want a spin and spew at Blackpool, you go along the promenade or the amusement piers. Valhalla is the most amazing non coaster ride I have ever ridden. I went on it on Saturday with all the effects working and it truly is amazing.
I love the dig at Alton Towers for Hex above the ''Haunted Swing'' at BPB too. Nice touch considering it's been there for donkeys years. Also, their ''Passaje Del Terror'' beats any other UK haunted house type thing by far.
And once again I must say the Pepsi Max Big One has improved with age - it's one hell of a ride!
Also, one good point is the relationship between BPB and Blackpool Council. Planning restrictions are very relaxed compared to parks in the countryside. The only downside is room to expand - but hey! Who'd have thought the could fit the Big One or Valhalla in? The simple point is that new major steelies can be built ABOVE loads of the flatter rides, as they have proved once before - I'm looking forward to what they have up their sleeve for the future.
Oh, and yes, BPB was HAMMERED again this weekend! Much more so than cheap ride days or peak season on previous years - come on - a queue for the MONORAIL!?!

Rick Holden,


>> 12 March 2001 - 23:24 : >>> Alton Towers Can Afford to Close... TALK Rideas

Drusillas (noun): Small, privately run zoo / park. Total number of staff: 150 aprox. To give an idea of its size, on an average week-end at this time of year, there are about 25 staff on site. Basically, not a very large place, by any standards. Just two days after the first case was reported (hundreds of miles away), parts of the zoo were closed off the to public and most staff, and all foot and mouth precautions were brought out. A week after, the entire park was closed until further notice. The nearest case was still counties away. It is usually open every day of the year, so has missed out on a large chunk of this years season already. The majority of those staff are casual, basically, we got told ''sorry!''. I agree with this completely. The animals' well-being was put before the staff and company without hesitation. For which I think they can only be given credit.

Basically, if we can afford it, Alton CAN afford it too. As you say, I am waiting for news about Chessington and Thorpe (I believe they have animals, dont they?). Hopefully they will have learnt from Altons drastic mistake. All credit to Drayton also, they have postponed their opening too, and have still not confirmed it. A very wise move.

The score so far:
Private Parks 2
Tussauds Parks -14

Somthing is very wrong here...

. . .

Roger O'Leary,


>> 12 March 2001 - 23:24 : COASTER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD TALK Rideas

Currently cedar point are the coaster capital of the world with 14 coasters

By somer Six Flags Magic mountain will be with the openning of three coasters this year making their total to 15.

I understand what you are saying about orginal rids but just about every theme park in the world has some spin rides and alton and thorpe have less than many uk parks. Also submission is a double version which you cran't travel. But remember blackpool have some not so orginal rides as well! like the Ice blast (hundreds of them all over the world) well i can't think of any more but most of blackpool rides are custom designed and i wouldn't say all of them are unique yes there are some unique rides though. But i think drayton has a good collection of uniqye rides, Storm Force 10, Shockwave, Apoaclypse, Golden Nuggets, pirates adventure, Haunting (when it openned) Klondike (one of the only themed single looping pinafri loopers).

Mark Renwick,


>> 12 March 2001 - 23:30 : SW5 - JIM ^^^^^^^^^^ TALK Rideas

Jim i said that in the old UKTPDB but no one answered me. Again I am gonna be thick but does new generation coaster mean a new type of coaster or an old type with additions ??????????? Also I was gonna go to Alton on the 7th April but gonna leave it till the end of April now - wanna wait and see what the situation with F&M is.

Richard McDonald,


>> 12 March 2001 - 23:31 : ^^^^^^^^^^ TALK Rideas

Well altons over heads are very very high with over 1200 staff to pay with them all having contracts. I can see your point though. But alton and thorpe have to meet targets set by tussurds and if there profits are down charter house will cut investment into tussauds, Plus altona nd thorpe have huge coaster bills to pay for. In altons case some where around the 15m mark (that would normally be more than a whole seasons profits so they really need to open as soon as possible.

But time will tell.

Mark Renwick,


>> 12 March 2001 - 23:35 : new site TALK Rideas

really love the new site. but why rideas? i prefer uktpdb cos i've got used to it, but this has a more modern feel.
thanx for the submission pics. it looks a bit small, but it looks great. i have been thinking...i reckon sw5 will have a name to suggests something about wind in it, what with flying.

Stephen Williams,


>> 12 March 2001 - 23:39 : rideas TALK Rideas

ok sorry i've just got it - ride and ideas. very clever, though i'm sure it will ake some getting used to.

Stephen Williams,


>> 12 March 2001 - 23:50 : rideas TALK Rideas

it's okay i finalyl got it. ride and ideas. very clever, though it'll take getting used to!

Stephen Williams,


>> 13 March 2001 - 00:57 : Closing & Spelling... TALK Rideas

First of all, the thing to remember is that Alton has already opened! The Oblivion weekends have been and will be running right upto the intended start of the main season, so all your conversation concerning opening on the 31st March is fairly irrelevant. Secondly, if National Trust parks, and attractions such as Tatton and Capesthorne can afford to delay their opening then Tussauds Group theme parks can too!

Finally, Mark... ask for a dictionary for Christmas!

Kevin Baxter,


>> 13 March 2001 - 01:01 : Closing & Spelling... TALK Rideas

First of all, the thing to remember is that Alton has already opened! The Oblivion weekends have been and will be running right upto the intended start of the main season, so all your conversation concerning opening on the 31st March is fairly irrelevant. Secondly, if National Trust parks, and attractions such as Tatton and Capesthorne can afford to delay their opening then Tussauds Group theme parks can too!

Finally, Mark... ask for a dictionary for Christmas!

Kevin Baxter,


>> 13 March 2001 - 01:04 : Alton & Spelling TALK Rideas

First of all, the thing to remember is that Alton has already opened! The Oblivion weekends have been and will be running right upto the intended start of the main season, so all your conversation concerning opening on the 31st March is fairly irrelevant. Secondly, if National Trust parks, and attractions such as Tatton and Capesthorne can afford to delay their opening then Tussauds Group theme parks can too!

Finally, Mark... ask for a dictionary for Christmas!

Kevin Baxter,


>> 13 March 2001 - 04:02 : Alton Towers > 2001 > Foot and Mouth Update. TALK Rideas

As far as I am concerned, Alton Towers will open as planned for there full public season on March 31st. All cars entering AT are now disinfected and all guests have there feet disenfected as they enter the park.

Submission Pics > Thanks for the good comments - some of them were tricky to take, but they worked out.

Darren Smith, Rideas Assistant Webmaster,


>> 13 March 2001 - 09:02 : at, f+m TALK Rideas

yes we know anything can carry f+m but it does not breed in us, unlike cloven hooved animals, that is why at had them killed, if they werent it would be likely that AT would become a foot and mouth incubator. I can't see what good closing AT would do, the majority of visitors to bpb over the last few weekends will have driven through the lancashire farmland already spreading the virus, plus trains will be spreading it too.
The national trust can afford to close down places like tatton because they have other income sources from membership, city centre shops, hotels, leisure cruises and working holidays home and abroad. Also remember tatton is a working farm and would have had to be closed anyway. AT's farm was a show farm not a working one.

Andrew Adshead,


>> 13 March 2001 - 10:54 : TALK Rideas

I think that chessington have something big coming to the park in the next two years a new thrill ride is needed if it wiches to keep up with thorpe next year. I like chessington loads of thrill rides but I feel that thorpe will soon be wher I go.

Has any one visited my site yet waiting for some replys and bits and bobs to add to it so please some one have a look.

Over & Out

Peter Cantello, Thrillworld, A World Beyond Imagination


>> 13 March 2001 - 11:10 : F & M TALK Rideas

I think that it will still be a problem even when the park closes for end of season! so their is no pint in closing it for a month becuase they will have the same problem all year. In the last out break it took 7 month for the diesase to clear!

Ben Sims, DailyTalk Discussion Board


>> 13 March 2001 - 13:37 : BPB amd SW5 TALK Rideas

Hi, This is my first post on the site. First of all, the new site looks great, although UKTPDB will be missed. BPB have always said that they are not going to let other parks get better rides than them. With 2002 being such a big year for UK rollercoasters I think Geoffrey Thompson has got something huge up his sleeve. Perhaps an Arrow 4th Dimension? But I'm not sure it BPB would want to work with arrow again after all the trouble with PMBO.
Anyone know if BPB have any plans for 2003?

Does anyone know if JW has confirmed that SW5 will have a launched lift?

Chris Newton,


>> 13 March 2001 - 15:07 : BPB TALK Rideas

Don't expect anything major until 2003 the park add a major ride ever three years-

1994-pepsi max
1997-Ice blast

I understand that there are plans for a coaster and they have apparntly applied for planning persion to llow the coaster to cross the road and travel alog the promanard. I thought of an arrow 4d but i don't think they will use arrow again. Although blackpool has the best collection of rides they certainly don't have the best rides in the UK.

Mark Renwick,


>> 13 March 2001 - 15:19 : ohh a fangly new board TALK Rideas

nice one, i like the layout and the pubrideas section, well done to the team, lets hope its as succesfull as the uktpdb

Richard Ball, BoySetsFire - The force majeure


>> 13 March 2001 - 17:24 : wow+wow LOL! TALK Rideas

Rideas - Wow, the UKTPDB was great, but this is better, and is much clearer in the sense that you know exactly what is going on!
Submission - WOW! It just looks fantastic, can't wait!
Congrats on both of these updates guys, you must have put in a lot of hard work and it has definitely paid off!
Also, is it pronounced 'our ideas' or is it 'ride-eas' as in a mix between ride and ideas?!
Either way, this is all great! thanks for the great new site and the great news too!
Keep up the good work,
Michael ()=>

Michael MacLeod, Yride


>> 13 March 2001 - 17:50 : TR:UK TALK Rideas

I was sad to learn that Thrill Rider UK is to close down - Mark Renwick has posted on the 'pubRideas' board, saying that he does not have the time to maintain the site as he would like.

I am not sure as to whether the site will re-open - on the Web it is sometimes common for theme park fan sites to shut down, and re-open two or three months later.

Be sure to visit my TP site for the latest on 2001 attractions (by the way, I'm very sorry about the post on the 'Detonator' ride being shown on London Tonight - it has now been revealed that the park wanted to capture some footage of the ride's first test today - look out for the report sometime this week).

Michael Ryderson, TP Online


>> 13 March 2001 - 18:05 : TR:UK/Blackpool TALK Rideas

Don't worry the site is staying online under new management. iw ill still be involved in the form of marketing the site is going to get much much bigger. if any one else is interested in joing the TR:UK Uk team e-mail me.
what does every one think blackpool pleasure beach will add in the future and what they will remove.

Mark Renwick, TR:UK


>> 13 March 2001 - 18:30 : ANSWER US PLEASE TALK Rideas


Jim Wally, dailyradar uk


>> 13 March 2001 - 18:35 : CWOA Future plans TALK Rideas

I do believe that chessington has a ''animal kindgom'' style attraction in the pipeline (obviously not as big).I hope im posting to the right board here. It should be located to the side of the calamity canyon, in a open field.

Alex Flahive,


>> 13 March 2001 - 18:36 : JIM ^^^^^^^ TALK Rideas

Was just thinkin the same meself LOL. Also if it means an existing coaster with additions/improvements what ya reckon they will be ??????

Richard McDonald,


>> 13 March 2001 - 18:40 : CWOA TALK Rideas

Are the Berry Bouncers in Toyland, on the ex-clown coaster site? Or are they dropping it in Beanoland, I cant remember.

Alex Flahive,


>> 13 March 2001 - 19:01 : RICH........... TALK Rideas





>> 13 March 2001 - 19:07 : Jim ^^^^^^^ TALK Rideas

HMMM dont think so m8y but ya never know. Would be nice if someone answered us thickies tho wouldnt it.

Richard McDonald,


>> 13 March 2001 - 19:17 : New Generation TALK Rideas

'generation n. stage in (esp. technological) development'

New generation coaster simply means it's an advancement on the existing technology. ie, that B&M will have a better experience than the Vekoma Stealth.

They would say 'Worlds First' if it was, for marketing reasons.

Alex Taperek, Rideas Assistant Webmaster,


>> 13 March 2001 - 19:18 : 1001 nights + photos TALK Rideas

I was looking at fabbris web site and have found under the used rides section Alton towers 1001 nights ride does anyone know if it is the 'retired' Alton towers ride.

When you took photos of submission did you also get photos of bone shaker and the huge new hole for sw5 in forbidden valley?

Ps. Great new site but the name will need getting used to!

James Phillips,


>> 13 March 2001 - 19:31 : AT have done it again! TALK Rideas

Submission looks amazing. And the photos are really good, very clear when you zoom in and have a look around. I really can't wait till its open again, and can't wait for SW5

Wil Mossop, magic*hq - ATonline


>> 13 March 2001 - 19:43 : SW5 TALK Rideas



Jim Wally, Virtual Towers


>> 13 March 2001 - 19:54 : SW5 TALK Rideas

Even if Sw5 is only an updated version of Stealth, B&M will make it like there is no other. It will be hard to match. Submission looks great but i thought it would be alot higher than that. oh well!

Robert Patterson,


>> 13 March 2001 - 19:58 : Bye TALK Rideas

We say good bye to the uktpdb. goodbye to the good, the ideas, the long conversations about the secret weapons. But we also say goodbye to the bads, the long invirted woodie debate (which i started)and the worst of all. JIM CHIPPER. But even though it is gone there is only one thing i can say. LONG LIVE RIDEAS. Well done team u have created something exelent. Hope to see u having fun and above all else DEBATING.

Timothy Gaylard, TUSSAUDS 3- NOW OPEN


>> 13 March 2001 - 20:17 : BPB TALK Rideas

I think the next thing BPB will get will be either a giga (making use of land outside the main confines of the park) or a Superman: The Escape type ride, potentially using Watson Road, which runs underneath the park. BPB has been trying to buy Watson Road for many years.

Whatever they get, we can be sure it will be a world-beating ride. It won't be a fairground-style attraction (that is left to Tussaauds parks and places like lightwater Valley). It will definitely be custom-built with good quality stations etc, not just a ride standing in a field (that is left to Flamingo Land).

If I was Geoffrey Thompson, I really wouldn't know where to go next, but I would be seriously thinking giga.

P.S. Photos of several of the BPB coasters appear in the Photo Album on the eDreams UK Theme Parks pages (link below).

Nicholas James, eDreams UK Theme Parks


>> 13 March 2001 - 20:46 : TR:UK TALK Rideas

TR:UK is now back open - I found it whilst surfing. It looks a promising new site (shame Mark Renwick's packed it in - but do take a look - it's worth it).

Click on the link.

Michael Ryderson, TR:UK - Now Re-opened


>> 13 March 2001 - 21:03 : bppb TALK Rideas

Nicholas when was the last time you went around blackpool pleasure beach (leave the fairground rides to tuassaurds) ha ha ha blackpool pleasure beach looks like a glorified fair ground. And if you are refering to this years installations at Thorp and Alton would you like to go to a theme park with just rollercoasters in at least tuassards theme there fair ground rides unlike BPPB.

David Langler,


>> 13 March 2001 - 21:11 : SW5 TALK Rideas

SW5 will be great, what the world first is ?? who knows, we will just have to wait, what I said was true by the way.

Alex Flahive,


>> 13 March 2001 - 21:37 : BPB TALK Rideas

Although i think BPB is geat and has some great rides i do feel the place has whole fair ground style atmosphear.

I much prefer the american/disney style park like the tussauds parks and drayton manor etc. Plus i think this is the way forward in teh future as many see side fairs have closed down and many theme parks atht havn't invested in theming and the amrican style operation of a theme park are going down the pan.

Mark Renwick,


>> 13 March 2001 - 22:45 : STUFF TALK Rideas

wow great new site!!!!! R.I.P uktpdb
but anyways submission looks great a class act.

Ben Woodward,


>> 13 March 2001 - 22:52 : SW5 TALK Rideas

Hi all, i'vjust been looking around the internet to see if any parts of the uktpdb were still alive, when i went to the G-force page, guess what I found? Some excellent pictures of the SW5 Constrution site!! Darren, why didn't you mention them to us? They are very ineresting! http://homepage.ntlworld.com/dksmith/

Wayne Burton, sw5


>> 13 March 2001 - 22:54 : Alton Towers TALK Rideas

Its early dayz yet but upon my trip to Alton this year do any of you lot wanna meet up or somthing cos i know Tom Bramley and James Gellsthorpe they are members of RIDEAS as well it'll be around summer time. more details later...........

Ben Woodward, SUBMISSION


>> 14 March 2001 - 00:24 : Wayne TALK Rideas

Those images are for viewing by Rideas staff only at the moment, and you should not have put the url on here. However, I suppose it's my own fault since I didnt put an access denied page up! Well Ive now removed the pictures from that server and put them on a different one, and added an access denied page. Please note Wayne - Those SW5 Site pictures are a sample of what I have. However, there not going online for a while yet, till approval from other sources.

Darren Smith, Rideas Assistant Webmaster,


>> 14 March 2001 - 00:30 : David's BPB comment TALK Rideas

BPB looks like a glorified fairground? Hmmm - I've never seen so many coasters and custom built rides at a fairground. What kind of fairs do you visit? Tell me and I'll be there in a flash! Only joking....

What was referred to is that Alton and Chessington etc... do actually buy glorified fairground rides - ie. larger versions of travelling rides, and theme them. BPB do not do this as you can ride such contraptions on the piers and along the promenade eg. Top Spin, Spinning Mouse coaster etc... see South Pier and Central Pier Blackpool.

BPB has very little theming yes, but when it gets a big new ride, it's ALWAYS special (except Space Invader - ahem). 1988(?) - Avalanche - still the uk's only bobsled coaster, 1994 - Big One - custom made hypercoaster, 1997 - Iceblast (aka Playstation) - the UK's first Space Shot tower (S&S), 2000 - Valhalla - Custom made dark flume ride with the most stunning special effects in operation in the UK.

BPB isn't MEANT to be a theme park - it's an AMUSEMENT PARK - the emphasis purely being on the experience of the rides (although they have started themeing with Valhalla). Personally, I find the atmosphere at BPB outstanding due to everything being so close together however.

Everyone has their own opinion of course, but I just thought I'd explain what was meant by the fairgound comment - it's the rides they install, not their layout within the park overall. The only real fairground rides now at BPB are the Gravity Wheel (Millenium Bug) and Dodgems.

Rick Holden,


>> 14 March 2001 - 01:12 : Darren - SW5 Site pics TALK Rideas

Darren if you have pics of SW5 construction site please put them up for us it see as I am intrigued to know what is going on the Site already, if you can't put them let us know when you can Thanks.

Kieren Lavis,


>> 14 March 2001 - 01:42 : Alton Towers > 2001 Season TALK Rideas

Alton Towers have now started advertising for there 2001 season. TV adverts can now be found on SKY Digital channels.

The current advert being run, looks like a revamped Hotel advert, which advertises the hotel along with some ride footage. At the end, it has the new bubble logo, with ''Alton Towers Hotel'' and ''Park Opens 31st March''.

I think this confirms that the park WILL be opening for its full season on this date! If anyone else sees any more adverts for the park, can you let me know.

As far as I am aware the Submission Advert has not yet been filmed, but I might be wrong!

Darren Smith, Rideas Assistant Webmaster,


>> 14 March 2001 - 09:07 : sw5 pics TALK Rideas

i know we're all desperate to see them, but isnt it great to feel the suspense once in a while instead of everything being known! Everyone will now keep coming back for updates , checking if the pics have been put up, and anyhow its obvious that the rideas team are waiting to confirm that they do have permission to use them... come on guys a little waiting never hurt no one, lets just keep the suspense growing! ;)

David Hinds,


>> 14 March 2001 - 09:43 : submission advert TALK Rideas

i think evidence points to the fact that the advert has been filmed. The publicity shot shown on the uktpdb was very likey a still from the advert. I think its safe to assume that the advert will be like the ripsaw advert not very long and possibly cgi. one question do you suppose that it says hang in there on the underside of the gondolas?

Andrew Adshead,


>> 14 March 2001 - 10:06 : Mark Renwick termination TALK Rideas

I sincerely hope that Mark is not terminated from the board - his comments and posts have been very informative and useful to us all, and im sure the rest of the members would not like to see him go.

I understand the reason for his termination to be the fact he posted about potential threats to AT from Animal rights activists.

Matt and team please reconsider, much worse comments have been posted on these boards. Thanks.

Gary Holcombe,


>> 14 March 2001 - 10:46 : SW5 PICS, ADDS TALK Rideas

the only constructin currently is land clearing, land scaping and and digging the two tunnels.

I think the adverts are on 10 days early as they don't normally start until a week befor ethe aprk opens so i suspect they have put them out early in order to counter act the bad publicity.

Mark Renwick,


>> 14 March 2001 - 12:00 : Happy Birthday Oblivion TALK Rideas

Do you all realise what day it is today, YES Its Oblivion's Birthday, just think 3 years ago, we were enjoying out first rides on this amazing B&M coaster, at least I think I am right because I believe it did open on March 14th 1998, so all that is left to say is HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY OBLIVION :)

Paul Orsmond,


>> 14 March 2001 - 13:22 : ALTON TALK Rideas

Hi, Let me just say the suspense about SW5 is killing me. I'm losing sleep just thinking about it. Anyone think I need help? If the secrecy continues any longer I don't think i'll be around to ride it next year!

Ripsaw - I think the slogan should be changed to 'can you hack it' and not 'can you cut it'.

Energizer/boneshaker - Now the ride is back in Ugland I hope they make it scarier again. When it was first installed in 1995 it was good, but when they moved it to X-sector in 1998 it became pants. They put in new seat belts. Anyone know why they tamed it down?

Bye, I'm off to break into AT and take some pics!!!

Chris Newton,


>> 14 March 2001 - 14:03 : NEW SITE/rideas TALK Rideas

Great site! Check out my site about themeparks, its under construction and would like to know what you think of it!

Lawrence Roots, Theme Parks


>> 14 March 2001 - 16:28 : Alton tomorrow + Animal rights activists TALK Rideas

Alton Tomorrow:
I will be going up to Alton tomorrow for the ''Pants to Poverty'' ERS. I'm really looking foward to it as well! I'll have a snoop around for any SW5 construction as well. (No photo's though, my camera got smashed to bits doing onride photos of the Big Dipper last season and I havn't got a new one yet! 8O)
(Keep an eye out on the Comic Relief show as I may be on there! 8O)
Am I the only Rideas member going on this trip???

Animal Rights Activists:
I must admit that I thought A.R.As would attack A.T. as well. Even if they did have a (valid?) reason for killing the farm off, no animal lovers would like it one bit!

Colin Blanchard, The Unofficial Domain of NEMESIS


>> 14 March 2001 - 16:35 : IDEA TALK Rideas

I think At should add an imax 3d cinama ride for there new 4d/5d ride. there is a normal one at fantasy island but the new 3d version would be amzing. it uses the same systema s back to the future the ride only in 3d and a different film.

Colin i wouldn't mention the activists as thats what i am getting banned for.

Mark Renwick,


>> 14 March 2001 - 16:44 : SW5 Planning Application TALK Rideas


To relieve a little of the suspense about SW5, here is a copy of the planning application. (Credit to SW5 Online for this) http://www.sw5online.ic24.net/largeplan.htm

Chris Bennett,


>> 14 March 2001 - 17:12 : ALTON TOWERS LATTEST-MUST READ TALK Rideas

This article is from todays senital (stoke-on-trents local paper) and the story made the whole of the front page with the hiribal cartoon on the front-Alton Towers tried to ban this hard-hitting cartoon as the outcry against the theme park's slaughter of its farm animals intensified.
The cartoon was drawn by Oakamoor artist Dot Merry, who said she wept when she heard animals kept as part of a children's attraction were destroyed as a precaution against foot and mouth disease.
Towers bosses threatened legal action against The Sentinel when the newspaper contacted the park to comment on the backlash against the slaughter, which was done in a bid to ensure the park opens on time at the end of the month.
It emerged today that one worker has resigned from the park after it slaughtered his cow, which was there on loan.
Alton Towers officials declined to comment when approached by The Sentinel about Dot Merry's cartoon. But in a letter to the paper objecting to publication of the cartoon, divisional director Ralph Armond said: ''I am surprised you would consider its publication given that, apart from being humourless, it is also offensive and potentially distressing to anyone who may see it including adults, children and not least our staff, the majority of whom come from the area.''
The development comes as the first outbreak was confirmed in Cheshire at a dairy farm in Baddiley, near Nantwich, and two more cases were confirmed in Staffordshire at High Offley, near Eccleshall, and at Marston, near Stafford. The Sentinel has been inundated with letters about the cull at Alton Towers.
Dot, who makes a living painting animal portraits, said: ''When I heard what they had done, I sat and cried. I then decided to create a cartoon to explain to others how I felt.
''It was the hardest thing I have ever done.
''I cried and cried as I drew it, just thinking about those poor animals.''
Copies of Dot's cartoon are now on display in shops in the area.
She said: ''I am sending them out to everyone I know and asking them to photocopy them and forward them on again.''
An Alton Towers spokesman confirmed the park, which is currently closed for winter, will still reopen as scheduled on March 31.
Around 2.5 million people from across the country flock to the popular tourist attraction each year, which is located within the infected area drawn up by officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
In a statement to the Sentinel, Mr Armond said current precautions will continue to remain in place after the park reopens, including:
disinfectant straw mats at all vehicle entrances and exits

disinfectant mats at all pedestrian entrances and exits

The farm area will remain closed and isolated after the park reopens while the situation persists.
lessential staff only will be allowed into the farm area.
He added: ''Obviously we are aware of our responsibilities to the local community and surrounding areas.
''We are still in daily contact with MAFF, who we must remember are in charge of this situation nationally, and will ensure that we abide by any precautionary measures they request of us.
''The best we can do is to follow their advice for as long as is necessary.''
A spokesman from MAFF said today: ''The decision whether they want to open or not is entirely up to Alton Towers.
''Alton Towers has spoken to our vets and we have given them advice and various options but it is ultimately a commercial decision which they have to take.''
A Staffordshire County Council spokesman said: ''Staffordshire County Council doubts it has the power to close Alton Towers but would only consider attempting to close the park upon the receipt of a formal request from MAFF.''
Meanwhile, fear gripped Staffordshire's farming community as Ministry of Agriculture officials confirmed the disease has been found at farms in High Offley, near Eccleshall, and at Marston, near Stafford, yesterday afternoon.
Government vets have already destroyed two of the worst infected cattle at Grange Farm in Marston and the slaughter of the remaining cattle at both farms is expected to begin today.
Angela Cliffe, who became a tenant on the Staffordshire County Council-owned Grange Farm 18 months ago with her husband Andrew, 37, daughter Tania, 15, and 14-year-old twins Phillip and Thomas, said the family was devastated.
Mrs Cliffe, 37, said: ''We've only got 41 cattle but two of the worst ones have already been destroyed by a MAFF vet and they've said the rest will be shot today, calves and all.
''My daughter adores animals and she's been rearing a calf called Alfie so she is heartbroken. We are all devastated.
''This is our first farm and we have only been on it for 18 months and now we've got no animals. Farming is hard enough without all this.''
A MAFF spokesman said the two latest outbreaks are still being investigated to see if they are linked with earlier cases but Mrs Cliffe said she has no doubt the virus is spreading.
She said: ''We have been taking every precaution we could. We've had disinfected straw at the gateways, buckets of disinfectant everywhere and we even moved the post box to the end of drive.
''In my opinion it is spreading and it is out of control. We've done everything we could and we've still got it.
''If Nick Brown thinks it's under control, he wants to come here and see what it's done to us.''
Butcher Brian Seddon said news of the outbreak at Park Hall Farm in High Offley where diary farmer Geoffrey Jones has a herd of more than 100 cattle had quickly spread to Eccleshall High Street.
He added: ''I've had farmer's wives in here crying. It's very sad.''
Farmer's wife Judy Palmer, who with her husband keeps a dairy herd of 230 in nearby Norbury, said: ''It feels so out of control. I feel very helpless.
''We've been keeping a close eye on the internet and in other cases there have been definite links, but with this case it just seems so random.''
She added: ''My heart goes out to them.''
Yesterday's cases follow earlier outbreaks at Leigh, near Uttoxeter; Chase Terrace, near Cannock; Milwich, near Stone; Rolleston-on-Dove, near Burton-upon-Trent, and Little Wyrley on the Staffordshire-West Midlands border

Mark Renwick,


>> 14 March 2001 - 17:37 : Free Tickets for RideAs Members! TALK Rideas

I know this is a tad off topic, but I thought you all might be up for a free be!
For those who live in London or can get to it, my website Nowt2Do.Com are giving
away 10 pairs of tickets to see the very funny Harry Hill LIVE!
Thought you all might want to enter, and I'll tell you he is well worth
See you all on trips soon,
Chris Cox

Chris Cox, Nowt2Do.Com - For when you have Nowt2Do - Reviews


>> 14 March 2001 - 17:53 : Hello TALK Rideas

Hello everybody,just a quickie,and just to let everybody know how excited I am at finally becoming a member.

Jessica Thompson,


>> 14 March 2001 - 18:23 : Hello TALK Rideas

Just to say hello and to see if anyone knows when Camelot theme park will be open. Also ive heard that they are getting a new ride for 2001,anyone know what this will be.

Jessica Thompson,


>> 14 March 2001 - 18:38 : >>> Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea TALK Rideas

A large number of people have been greatly upset and disgusted by Alton's ''move to save humanity'' (well, to say they were 'doing it for the farming community' is just as laughable!). A few of you have said I'm stupid and foolish to not visit this year, I reckon you also believe I'm the only person to feel this way too? Fair enough, as the disease dies out, and it all just becomes a nasty memory, no doubt the visitor numbers will rise. I will be willing to bet the numbers will be just as high for the Wireworks as usual. But for the first few months, I sure hope the tallies are down by half!

Alton have made a grave mistake, and they need to realise this.

Well done mark for finding that article, it is obvious that Alton are beginning to worry...

. . .

Roger O'Leary,


>> 14 March 2001 - 18:53 : NO WORLD FIRST FOR ALTON TALK Rideas

it seems alot of you dont know this but SW5 is NOT a WORLD FIRST ROLLERCOASTER . Its a NEW GENERATION coaster (which is just as good to me anyway, as I and I bet alot of you have'nt rode stealth )


Jim Wally, C.V.G


>> 14 March 2001 - 18:55 : John Wardley's First Drop Article TALK Rideas

Well, I've received my copy of the latest First Frop from the ECC. I have to say the article by John Wardley is very interesting, and gives a glimpse into what is obviously a very complicated process to get a coaster up and running in a park with the restrictions that Alton Towers has. I don't think I could do it......

Steve Taylor, Alton Towers Almanac


>> 14 March 2001 - 18:57 : First Frop???? TALK Rideas

Like I said.... First Drop......

Steve Taylor, Alton Towers Almanac


>> 14 March 2001 - 19:02 : >>> First Drop is Finally Here TALK Rideas

As per usual, there are some pretty damn funky creations happening all over the place, and as per usual, pretty much nowt is happening here... (yet 8r)

Anyone fancy a launch of 0-107mph in four seconds! Cor lummy, that's gotta be good, and of course, is it going to Japan... oh well!

Also (this has been knows for a while now, I was just waiting till I had it in writing :) Vampire's reincarnation is being fabricated by Vekoma, not by Arrow (for some reason?). Apart from track work, they are doing the much needed work in the ride system, its this which was causing all the downtime. Best of all, they are aiming to 'restore it to its original glory', which seeing as this was back in Chessington's heyday, should be a very good thing (it seems to have been a bit slack lately).

There is also some news on my soon-to-be-local-park: Terra Mitica. One review practically shines like a mirror, the other, erm, doesn't...

Out of interest, looking at the picture of Vampire they have used (on page 10), it seems to be a very old one. Does anyone know what that path below the lift is? I initially though original queue line but it doesn't look 'secure' enough. Looking from where it leads from, I then thought it could have been and old exit path, but then I thought no, basically, I haven't a clue. It was taken in the good old days, before that awful green camouflage netting was put up.

. . .

Roger O'Leary,


>> 14 March 2001 - 19:03 : SW5 TALK Rideas

We all know its a next generation coaster

But John wardley said at the ecc event it WILL have a world first Eliment and it also said this in teh article NO ONE belives me about even though most it has now been confirmed.

Mark Renwick,


>> 14 March 2001 - 19:08 : Sorrys TALK Rideas

Sorry Darren, I assumed those pictures were viewable in the members only section of the UKTPDB, well done anyway! Rideas will be the best site around with pictures like that available!

On another note, it looks like Alton Towers will be opening on March 31st! Can't wait for submission, it looks very nice. Smaller than I expected though!

Wayne Burton, Waynesaltonsite


>> 14 March 2001 - 19:36 : AT trips TALK Rideas

Alright so the pics of Submission have got me fairly excited so I've sorted out my first 2 visits to AT 7th April and 15th April. Intrested to see if anyone else is going on those dates.

Wil Mossop, magic*hq - ATonline


>> 14 March 2001 - 19:40 : BPB TALK Rideas

Re: the comments above...

Firstly, my reference to AT and other Tussauds Parks installing fairground rides was not to criticise the parks or the rides at all. I happen to like fairground rides a lot. The point I was making was that BPB is unique in the UK for (almost always) only installing permanent, custom-built rides. Even those that aren't custom designed are installed to a very high standard, with permanent buildings, etc.

2. Even the few fairground rides are permanently built in. E.g. The Waltzer (the in the Black Hole building), Meteorite (Millennium Bug in its own dome building), Superbowl Dodgems, etc. Why they installed those awful second Dodgems by the South entrance is anybody's guess!

2. The comment above about theme parks being the way to go because many seaside parks are having a tough time or closing down is slightly wide of the mark in reference to BPB. That might be the case for some parks, but it certainly isn't the case for BPB, which is still the UK's most-visited tourist attraction. And looking around the place, everything is done to a really high standard. Not always themed, I admit, but still constructed to a high standard, using the park's own architect (a member of the Thompson family). Even the restaurants and theatres are kitted out like top-class West End venues (anyone been inside the BPB Globe Theatre foyer, or some of the new restaurants?)

3. For my money, the atmosphere at BPB is unbeatable. Whilst I love AT, it is still a fairly typical (albeit very very good) theme park, which shuts early, and is what might be described as 'low density'. The atmosphere at BPB is created partly by the fact that everything is crammed together, and by the sheer number of major rides. Even the dark rides are all excellent. To not have visited BPB on an illuminations evening, when the park is heaving with people, and the place is bursting with light and energy, is not to have properly experienced BPB. I would recommend you all to try it. The atmosphere is palpable - the people, the noise, the smells, the lights. Not to mention all those good rides and attraction, far too many to be experienced in a single day.

BPB is unique. Let's not knock it. After all, we would soon miss it if it was bought out by a large US corporation and watered down like most other UK parks. It would surely lose all its character (the thing that really makes it different from all the theme parks). Long live BPB and the Thompsons!!

Nicholas James, Joyland Books


>> 14 March 2001 - 19:47 : APOLOGIES (sw5) TALK Rideas

Ignore my last post. I had no idea it had a worlds first element .
sorry to anyone who got anoyed bye me post

P.S what does every one here think the world first will be ( I think it must have something to do with the restraints) nothing worth boasting about really but what does every one else think.

Jim Wally, Virtual Towers


>> 14 March 2001 - 20:01 : SW5 First Drop TALK Rideas

No, not it's actualy first drop....!

Can anyone tell us the jist of the ECC First Drop article?

Chris Keating,


>> 14 March 2001 - 20:15 : The Dome TALK Rideas

The dome has opened a merchandise shop on the dome forecourt selling the left overs of merchandise. Prices range from 10p to 1.00. Things for sale are like hats, tshirts,dome guides,cds etc.Go along for a real bargin

John Bullock,


>> 14 March 2001 - 20:21 : test TALK Rideas


John Bullock,


>> 14 March 2001 - 20:36 : just thought of something TALK Rideas

I have just thought of something, anyone remember the rumour of AT wanting to be ONE of the most technologicly advanced parks in the world if not the whole in Europe, well that rumour must have been true then, SW5 is really going to be technologicly advanced with a world first element to the ride and a much better version that Stealth. prehaps this is why Alton decided not to go ahead with a woodie and go with a steel coaster instead.

Interesting report, if people choose to boycott Alton by reading that, that will make me very happy, I of course will just enjoy low crowds on opening day if that happens of course and that is still not gonna affect my decision to continue visiting Alton hopefully on March 31st and nothing ever will. I still think Alton totally done the right thing, I bet that if they didnt kill those animals, they would have definatly caught the disease anyway(look at how many cases there are now, I believe its 230) and then they would have had to kill them.

Paul Orsmond,


>> 14 March 2001 - 21:10 : SW5 - Flying Position TALK Rideas

I was thinking about SW5 today and when you look at the plans (if they are indeed correct) after the trains leave the station they go into a tunnel before entering the lift hill, perhaps this is where you get turned into the flying position before going up the lift hill, so you board similar to you would Stealth (notice I said similar, as I think it will give you a better flying position than Stealth) and then go down into the tunnel and then go up the lift hill in the flying position, which will be a first as on any other flying coasters you go up the lift hill on top the track and turn over into the flying position at the first drop. I don't know if anyone has said this before, this was just an Idea I had, let me know what you all think.

Kieren Lavis,


>> 14 March 2001 - 21:42 : Roller Coaster Tycoon TALK Rideas

Does Any Members know where I can get a Chessington World Of Adventures Real Park Download for roller coaster tycoon from.

Please let me now by placing it on this site

Thanks to any one that can help me.

Peter Cantello, Thrillworld, A World Beyond Imagination


>> 14 March 2001 - 21:44 : Submission Pics. TALK Rideas

No there not stills from the advert. As i said, The ride itself looked complete, but the surroundings looked like it was not finished, unless they filmed whilst the queue line wasnt there, which thinking about it seems logical!

Darren Smith, Rideas Assistant Webmaster,


>> 14 March 2001 - 21:53 : oi Rog! TALK Rideas

It seems like, and not for the first time, you want AT to fail. You never really loved them much last season either, and seem awfully bitter about it being the public's fav. park. Just accept that some people on here have only been to one park, so they would be silly to comment on others. I don't have an opinion on which is the best park because I've not been to them all.
It's a huge gudge you have if you won't even visit the park for what 'they' did. (the actual ride people probably had no say) Usually you have some of the best, understandable, comments on here, but this I just don't understand.
I don't like to argue, put SURELY all the UK's parks need to be SUPPORTED to stay open, and although AT took action, at least the disease was not encouraged, and not just AT but all of the UK parks are spoken about so why so sad?
Cheers, and calm down! Lets leave the arguing behind at the uktpdb, and get on with DICUSSING on Rideas. please!
Michael ()=>

Michael MacLeod, Yride


>> 14 March 2001 - 21:55 : 31st of March TALK Rideas

I'll be at Alton Towers on the 31st of March. Will anybody else be there?

I hope the park isn't shut cause if it is then I'll go on 1n 8 hour bus drive for nothing and 30 down the drain. If this happens then I'll be very annoyed and so will my friends. Please if anone from Alton see's this PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THE PARK. (I'm begging you)
Alton Towers is a rare thing for me and my friends cause we are from Scotland and we hardly ever get to theme parks (Well I do cause i go to them on holiday) but my friends don't really know any theme parks abroad.

The new Rideas is looking great and If I was one of the webmasters I would give myself a pat on the back!

P.S. Chris Cox Do you get a free Easter Egg with that trip!!!(Only Kidding)

Scott Barr, Coasters Online


>> 14 March 2001 - 21:59 : Submission TALK Rideas

Wow!!!! Submission Looks Great and Intense too I can't wait until I go!!

Gary Cowley, My site


>> 14 March 2001 - 22:19 : SW5 TALK Rideas

That is a wicked idea! Being turned into flying postion in the tunnel!!

Chris Hook,


>> 14 March 2001 - 22:21 : Hey All! TALK Rideas

I'm quite excited at the moment...

I have an interview with ''presentations'' at Chessington next Wednesday - can anyone shed some light as to where and what ''Presentations'' are? Should be interesting to see the park closed!!!

Lewis Cox, Virtual Bubbleworks


>> 14 March 2001 - 23:09 : >>> The Good, The Bad, and The Phat [cough cough] TALK Rideas

Good point Michael. Technically, I'm off subject now (UKTPDB = Theme Parks, rideas = rides ie no sheep! :)

Oh well, what can you do (apart from ignore my posts completely! Admit it, its a tempting thought, lol)

I don't want Alton to fail and crash and burn, burn, burn... (well, not completely), I just think they have made a bad decision. They should realise that their status as 'Britain's Best' is under threat from near by (DMP), and a far (TP) and many others too, and they should understand that they need to stop hiding behind this shield to draw people back. As we are all getting more choice as to where to get our next fix from, factors such as this will end up being the deciding influence in many peoples adrenalin addiction.

You said it yourself, the ride operators, the people we complain to, the people we buy our food from, even the zoo keepers probably had little to no voice in the matter what so ever. It would have been the people responsible for all these peoples wages.

Rest assured, if this was Chessington, I would be just as furious. Believe it or not, this is not a Me v Alton thing (as I said, I'm trying to cut that down :) Basically I am very passionate about anything 'animal rights' related. (I've become vegetarian for gods sake, and I'm hating every minute of it!)

. . .

Roger O'Leary,


>> 14 March 2001 - 23:15 : DETONATOR TALK Rideas

This is 100% confirmed

this is from the first frop new eddition-

Detinator is onlt tempory and will only be there for 1 season (so don't expect much theming)

Apparantly the apr are still applying for an intamin giant drop but because of the height still need to get special planning permision.

So i am happy now that detinator is only temp and we will see something much bigger in the future i expect a giro drop due to its high capacity.

Mark Renwick,


>> 14 March 2001 - 23:22 : ATLANTIS FACTS TALK Rideas

First drop all gives these details away for poject atlantis-

Max speed-40mph
Max height-91ft

A little disapointing but with 10 inversions i am sure will be very intense.

Mark Renwick,


>> 14 March 2001 - 23:25 : CWOA Official Site TALK Rideas

This is getting a bit ridiculous now!

We were told the CWOA official site would open 2 WEEKS AGO! It's still not open.

I am going to get in touch with CWOA - and find out when they will open that blooming thing!

Anyway, flicking through the Web pages again, TR:UK has been improved yet again - and it looks as though the web design has been improved greatly over the previous webmaster.

An all new look - click on the link to see it.

Michael Ryderson, TR:UK - Opening Sunday


>> 14 March 2001 - 23:41 : SW5 Flying position TALK Rideas

Thanks Chris at least one person responded and like my Idea, I only mentioned it because it would make it a world first also I think it would be good to go into the tunnel above the track and out the below

Kieren Lavis,


>> 14 March 2001 - 23:44 : oooooooppppppppppsssssssss TALK Rideas

sorry the end of my last post should read. I think it would be good to go into the tunnel above the track and out below the track.

Kieren Lavis,


>> 15 March 2001 - 00:22 : mixture TALK Rideas

i think the new site is very good personaly and when all sectors are working it will be the best one about and i also think the name is good i feel sorry for all the peopel that worked on this new site because half of the posts at the moment are saying i dont like the name or coulour scheme etc, well to them peopel i would just like to say i think you are out of order these peopel put a lot of hard work in to some thing to give us plessure and you can only moan about it.

Submission looks very cool it looks better than i thought it would i must admittt i thought that it would be more of a fair ground ride that would just be cheap and tackey (a bit like some of fantasy islands rides) but from the new photos it looks like a trip to alton towers may be on the cards

I dont know if any one else has mentioned this or has seen it or may even have it them selfs but the publishers WORKS (book shop) have currantly got a book in called white knuckle ride by mark wyatt at the cost of 2 it will tell u all the facts of roller coasters world wide (sadly it is a few years behind and does not have any thing like Oblivion in it sadly but it does have a page on cwoa, at (including Nemsis) and light water vally and blackpool pleasure beach)

Also just to finish of i would have thought they world have said world first for a more of a hard hitting impact instead of new generation as that has no reall meaning they could say that for submission!!!!!!

James Rodgers,


>> 15 March 2001 - 08:31 : submission TALK Rideas

darren, i never said your photos were stills, i was talking about the publicity still which found its way to the uktpdb last week. In it we see the ride at night with bolts of lightening behind, it was a grainy image wich looked like a newspaper had captured it from footage.

Andrew Adshead,


>> 15 March 2001 - 08:34 : Lews Cox - Presentations TALK Rideas

Presentations is RIDES, they just have that new name. A Great team to work for...depending on who you get as your area superviser. However I would like to warn you to be careful about what info you ever give out if you are working there, you could get into lots of trouble.
Any info you want about it give me a shout!

Chris Cox, Nowt2Do.Com - For when you have Nowt2Do - Reviews


>> 15 March 2001 - 09:43 : Price rise over the years! TALK Rideas

When the corkscrew was bulit it only cost AT 3 million, this year they have brought a smaller (by far) ride into the park and it has cost 2 million, this shows the massive price rises which the parks these dayz are having to pay for rides which if they had made 30 years before would only cost a fraction of what they do now!

Ben Sims, Hear'say Forum