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What is SW4 ?

Secret Weapon 4

Last Update : 8th. September 1997

Sw4 is the code name given to Alton Towers' new Secret World First ride for 1998

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Pic1:Position of SW4 Pic2:Themeing
Pic3:Site Pic4:The big hole !

Is this the B&M prototype 90 degree 200ft+ vertical drop roller coaster ?

It seems likely but nothing has been confirmed yet.

The extremely deep trench is being dug as Alton Towers are not allowed to have rides higher than tree level. The first drop will utilise this very deep hole.

All the photos on this site were taken by me in mid July 1997. I visit Alton Towers quite often so as soon as there is any noticable change at the site of SW4 I shall include photos on this site. As soon as I have any confirmed information I shall also include that too - until then we will have to use our imagination !!

24th. August 1997:

I was at Alton today and the latest from the building site that I can see is that they've started building a metal structure in the hole. I could only see a very small part of it at the end where the trains will exit the hole. This structure looks like it could be the outside of a tunnel. Maybe the rest will be covered in - who knows. Arched metalwork for this structure can be seen in PIC3. More photos will be included on my site as soon as I have them developed.

1st. September 1997:

I wonder if the new ride will be announced in the form of a story at the Alton Towers firework shows in October / November !?! It seems a possibility as it is to be announced in October and previous shows have been themed on Nemesis. This would be the perfect opportunity with thousands of people attending. This year the show will include spectacular stunts too - if previous years are anything to go by the show should be truly spectacular.

Fireworks Booking Form UPDATE : 8th. September 1997

I was at Alton yesterday. The firework shows are being promoted with "WE'RE EXPECTING AN INVASION" posters all around the park. The say it will be "The UK's largest ever fireworks and stunt spectacular". The booking form says :

"The hour is fast approaching. And there's nothing that we can do to stop it. Nothing you've ever experienced on this tiny planet of ours can possibly prepare you for the awesome Alton Towers Fireworks and Stunt Spectacular. Starring: incredible lighting and water effects, sky-probing lasers, nerve shattering explosions, flame throwers and fireworks on a scale never before seen on earth. Also remember that some rides are open until late, so it's going to be popular. But don't panic, repeat, don't panic. If you book now...it won't be the end of the world."

It is produced in the same style as the ride logos etc. I wonder.... Shows are on October 25/26/31 and November 1/2

The only changes that I could see at the site of SW4 was more earth being moved around and the side of the tunnel has been concreted in. I would think that a lot of work is going on inside the trench, but it is too far down to see. More photos will be on my site before the end of the week.

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I've had e-mails from various people saying that they can't load the pictures on my site. The pictures work fine for some and not for others and as yet I'm not sure why - I'm new to this game !!. Here are links directly to my jpeg files :

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