Rideas is a discussion board designed for all theme park, amusement park and other related talk. Due to the nature of this, we often need to process personal data. We respect your right to privacy, and this is detailed below in this privacy policy. 

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>> Information we collect (Non-identifiable)

 If you are not a member of Rideas (or not logged in) then we do not know or hold any personable identifiable information about you. For statistical purposes, non-personal details may be collected while you browse the site. For example, the name of your web browser, your Internet Service Provider, etc. This demographic information is collected and stored indefinitely - we use this to help manage the site, and find pages which are popular, or do not work, etc. We also collect "Referrer" information, which allows us to see where most of our visitors are coming from - search engines or other sites.

 The above data is not associated with any other details, such as your name. The demographic data is not available to anyone other than a few approved Rideas staff members. Occasionally, statistical details may be published - number of visitors, where most visitors find Rideas from, etc. Such statistical details cannot, by definition, uniquely identify you. 

 Each time you connect to the Internet you are given an IP address. This can change each time you connect, or be fixed. When browsing Rideas, your IP address is not collected or stored.


>> Information we collect (Identifiable)

 We do not collect any personal data except that which you provide to us.

 To participate in Rideas "Talk" discussion you have to be a member, and to do this you must sign-up. We require your name, a password, and email address at a bare minimum, and any other information you provide is optional. 

 Your name is used so that both Rideas members and staff can identify each other. We do not permit the use of "aliases" or false names. A first name is optional, but if you do not provide it then you must provide us with your first name initial instead. Your surname must be provided. It is important to note that your name will be shown on all of your posts - this makes it easier for other to reply to your post on Rideas in a personal level. Also, you will be listed on the Rideas members list which all members have access to. When you login to Rideas, your name is listed on the "Active within the past 15 minutes" list and is shown to all site visitors.

 Your email address is required so that if the Rideas team ever need to contact you then we have a way of doing so in private. By default, your email address is known as "Public": Members will also be able to send you emails if they decide to do so. In addition, the Rideas member list will also show your email address. When you signup, or at any time after, you can choose to hide your email address. If you do this, your email address will become "Private", is no longer shown on your posts, and it will not be published on the member list. 

 If your email address is private, only the Rideas Team have access to it. Under such circumstances, we may contact you if we have no other choice, and only for site related matters - for example, if you are given a warning for submitting an unsuitable post.

 If your email address is "public", we will still only contact you as stated above. However, other members will be able to send you an email -  we are not responsible for any such email messages. If this concerns you, please be sure to make your email address hidden. 

 When you provide a password, it is not encrypted. Please do not use a password which you use to access any other site. Members do not have any access to password information. The Rideas team may have access to it under some circumstances, but this amounts to personal data and so our usage is strictly controlled.

 Other details you provide are optional. Your date of birth is not known to anyone other than the Rideas Team. On your birthday, others may be made aware of it - however, your age is not published publicly. 

 We include a Members' List which shows all members, their names, email addresses (if it is Public), and then any Instant Messenger details (ICQ, MSN and AOL Messenger). Instant Messenger details are completely optional, and you may add/edit/delete them at any time. If you choose to add them, they are available to all members.


>> Information you provide

 Rideas is a discussion board, and anything you post instantly enters the public domain. Do not submit any information you would rather others did not know, such as your address or telephone contact numbers. 


>> Releasing Your Personal Data

 Please read the sections above for more details about how your personal data is available to others.

 The personal information we hold about you, including your date of birth and email address, is NOT given, sold, or available to anyone outside of the Rideas Team. We would only give your full set of personal details to anyone having good cause, such as Internet Service Providers and where required by law. 

 If we wished to release your details to any person we would ask for your permission before doing so.

 Rideas Team members who have access to personal data have strict confidentiality procedures which are followed at all times. 


>> Cookies

 Rideas makes use of several cookies, each for different reasons.

 For statistical reasons, a session cookie is given. This is used by the counter to help us judge whether you are visiting Rideas for the first time (since you last closed your browser), or are revisiting. This prevents you from being counted twice. This cookie is deleted the second you close your web browser.

 If you login to Rideas, a session cookie is given to store your login email address and password. This cookie can only be accessed from your computer, or by our Rideas server, and so others do not have any access to it. This cookie allows you to submit posts, reply, edit and delete messages, etc without needing to re-enter your login details each time. When you close your web browser, this cookie is deleted.

 When you login, you can choose to save your login details. If you do this, your email address and password are stored on your computer in a cookie. This is exactly the same as that explained above - however, it does not get deleted when you close your browser. In this case, whenever you visit Rideas, you are automatically logged in, and have convenient, instant access to your membership. If you log out of your Rideas membership, this cookie is deleted and you are then required to login again if you revisit. 

A cookie is issued if you use the Last Saved point. This feature allows you to resume reading from where you left off. This cookie is created when you first use it, and is updated when you set a new one. After closing your web browser, this cookie still remains ready for your next visit. 

If you disable all cookies, this will make using Rideas less convenient. However, you will still be able to use Rideas fully.


>> Third-Parties

We do not have any third-party relationships, such as with businesses or advertisers. Any personal information you provide is only available to the Rideas Team. 


>> Mailing List

 We have a mailing list of all members. This is never used except when we have an important message to convey to all members - typically, technical problems and downtime.

 A mailing list message is therefore rarely sent, usually no more than one email per three months (often even less than that). As this mailing list is only used for important announcements (promotions or advertisements are never sent) then you cannot unsubscribe from it. If at any time you wish to be removed from it, you may delete your membership - you are then removed from the mailing list automatically.


>> Security and accuracy of personal data

 Access is restricted to team members, who are required to use usernames and passwords before being able to access your personal details. We continually check that no unauthorised access or changes are taking place. We make backups of all data, and these are stored for several months in case of data loss.

 All members have the ability to change their email address, password, and some other personal data (except name). If any changes are required which are not possible, we will do any such changes if requested by email.

 For security purposes we may hold details of any "security sensitive" actions taken by members using Rideas. Any action which has the potential to be misused, such as logins, post deletions, etc may be monitored and details saved. Details which are saved include your name, email address, date, time, IP address and the action which occurred. In the event of misuse, this can then be recalled as evidence so that action may be taken. This could be against your membership (warning/termination), or we could report this to your Internet Service Provider if it was serious (hacking, illegal access etc). We do not have the time, wish, or resources to analyse this data except where abuse has taken place. Under no circumstance do we review or analyse the actions of innocent members.


>> Your privacy obligations

 If you are a member of Rideas, you MUST respect the privacy wishes of others.

 "Email harvesting" and the sending of spam (junk email) by using others' email addresses is not permissible. Any member found doing so will have their membership terminated and will be reported to their Internet Service Provider.

 You must not release another members' personal details, such as Instant Messenger details, onto Rideas "Talk" without their prior consent. Any personal information, such as that from the Rideas Members' List, should not be reproduced elsewhere in any form without consent from the member(s) involved.

 If you do not agree to anything in this privacy policy, please contact us by email to express your concerns before joining.


>> Questions and Contact Details

 Please contact a member of the Rideas Team if you have any concerns over how your data is used.

 The current Rideas Team Leaders are and We are happy to answer any queries you may have about your privacy.

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