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Name : Chris Bennett
Position : 'Talk' Moderator
Time on-line : Since December 1998
Location : Leicestershire
Birth date : 17th August 1987
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ICQ: 65788733

>>   I've been visiting Alton Towers since I was little, my first visit being way back in 1991. The park fascinated me then and continues to do so. Each year we would return and I'd be able to ride something that was a little bigger and a little scarier. Then, in time for the 1997 season I reached the magical height of 1.4m but Thunder Looper was nowhere to be seen so I had to settle for Nemesis, what a substitute!

>>   Over the years I've visited many parks around the UK, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Drayton Manor, Flambard's and Lightwater Valley to name but a few. I'm now hoping to re-visit them all, to bring back memories and ride the wonderful machines that I was only able to watch at the time.

>>   I missed out on 'Matt's SW4 Site' but like many other people saw that mysterious fence and the man in the orange suit, heard the security announcements and wondered what on earth they would be uncovering the following season! Without any internet access at that time it was all down to my imagination. It's strange to think that I knew nothing about SW4 until the TV coverage began at the start of the season yet knew so much about SW5 before the track had even been delivered!

>>   I first found rideas during the days of UKTPDB, during one of my net trawls. I registered at the time but never really got into it. I'd occasionally have a quick read and make the odd post, namely before a visit to Alton Towers! When the e-mail announcing the re-launch as rideas came through I decided to take a look and was hooked. I began reading the board every day and posting from time to time. I think I've read every post on rideas ever since!

>>   I joined the rideas team in Jan 2002 and am honoured to be part of such a great group of people. For those of you who don't know I help moderate the 'Talk' section of the site, check topics, edit posts where required. Bit like the online equivalent of litter picking, making 'Talk' a nice place to be.

>>   If you've got any questions, comments, complaints, money or other fan mail then feel free to send it along to the address below :-)

Chris (a.k.a. Crispy)

(April 2002)

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