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Name : Chris Simon
Primary Responsibilities : 'Talk' Moderator
Time on-line : Since January 1997
Location : Llanberis, North Wales
Birth date : 30th April 1966
Email address :

>> I have been besotted by amusement rides ever since I can remember.  My first 'real' coasters were BPB's Steeplechase and Wild Mouse in 1978.  The Steeplechase became my favourite ride for many years, and I was not brave enough to try the Wild Mouse again until fairly recently...

>>  I remember watching Blue Peter sometime in the 70s and being fascinated by the report of Greezed Lightning, a coaster that had just opened in the USA.  I now know it as a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop but at that time I'd never seen anything that went upside down before.  Simon Groom was my hero!  I thought that it would be nice to have a drop into the loop to get up speed instead of a catapult start, and lo and behold someone read my thoughts and the next thing I knew was that the Revolution opened in Blackpool!

>>  The next big thing was Alton's Corkscrew in 1980, although it was a few years before I had enough courage to try it.  I became a big fan of the Towers thereafter, following all the latest ride installations with great interest. The Log Flume, the Rapids, Haunted House and Mine Train.  And then of course the mighty Nemesis in 1994.  I managed to ride Nemesis two weeks after it opened and became hooked instantly.

>> The internet then appeared in my life in 1997 and I became aware of a huge community of other coaster fanatics out there.  I wasn't alone!  I found and joined the RCCGB and ECC, and became intrigued by reports on the web of a new coaster called Mr Freeze being constructed in the USA.  It sounded like a kiddie ride to me with that name...then I saw the pictures!  I hadn't realised just what sort of machines were around these days.

>>  A chance search for sites on Alton Towers unearthed Matt's SW4 Site, a rather patchy (if Matt doesn't mind me saying so!) collection of photos and ideas about some mysterious new machine being built at the Towers.  I started posting on the message board, and became acquainted with the likes of The Soothsayer, Gertie the Goat, and of course The Ancient Mariner.  I followed the site faithfully through to the opening of "SW4" in early 1998 and through its various incarnations, and was eventually invited to join the Rideas team towards the end of 2002.  The official reason was that I was a long-standing member, which of course is just a way of saying I'm getting old...

>>  I have my own web site too which has mostly coaster-related content, including detailed reports of the international trips I've been able to attend with the coaster club. It is also home to the web site of Dawnswyr Delyn, the Welsh Folk Dance group that I belong to, the other major love of my life.  My job is Analyst/Programmer at the University of Wales in Bangor, where I work with Ingres, Oracle, Unix, SQL and HTML among other things.

>>  I am proud to be associated with Rideas and the enthusiastic team behind it, and of course the people who make it what it is. YOU!


(April 2003)

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