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>> 25th November 2007

Major Team Restructure is now inplace

Chris Simon & Chris Bennet are now Team Leaders

Alex Barrett is Devlopment Manager for Rideas MK3

James Lloyd is a Rideas Operator

Work on Rideas MK3 is now back on track and we will bring you more soon so watch this space!

>> 14th November 2003

Thank you for all of the people who applied to become a Rideas Moderator.

We are pleased to welcome Gary Holcombe and Alexander Barrett as our two new moderators.

>> 24th August 2002

The tiered membership system has been replaced with a fairer system. Gold, Silver and Bronze will now be called Green, Amber and Red respectively - all members will start at Green and will work down through the colours to red, and finally a termination, if terms & conditions are repeatedly violated.

>> 4th January 2002

Due to other commitments, the FASTER! section of Rideas has closed. The Team have found it very hard to find time to update, you may have of noticed!

We apologise for this and hope that you can continue to enjoy the other features that Rideas has to offer.

>> 3rd October 2001

The Rideas questionnaire results from spring 2001 have been published in the SITE section.

>> 29th September 2001

Rideas MKII is launched! After many months of design, the new site is ready.

Changes include:

"Faster!" is the new name for "NEW Rideas". We aim to bring you the latest news and articles from the UK amusement and theme park industry.

"Fun" is now home to "Radio Rideas", "Versus" our on line quiz game and chat. Generally "Fun" events take place on a Sunday evening, but check the "Fun" intro page for the dates.

"Links" contains members' links and official links to parks and designers.

"Site" tells you all you'll ever need to know about Rideas, past, present and future.



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